Adding an Event

The university calendar is used to add an event or important date to not only the University's master calendar, but also able to display events within your specific department or office. Please note that the University Calendar is intended for WPI-affiliated events only.

Create an announcement instead for non-WPI events that are affiliated with the WPI community.

Once your event has been scheduled, or your deadline determined, your next step should always be to add it to the University Calendar.

Before adding your event, please use the Search box on the website to see if your event has already been added by someone else. This will help avoid duplicate events and minimize confusion for our audience.

Examples of calendar events include:

  • Colloquium or seminar
  • Conference, symposium, or workshop
  • Campus event
  • Reception or dinner on campus
  • Final deadlines (for applications, nominations, add/drop, housing registration, etc.) 
  • First or last day of an event (Note: Calendar items longer than 5 days will no longer be accepted into the Drupal system.) 

Keep in mind that all University Calendar events must:

  • Have a location
  • Include an audience

What is NOT a calendar event?

  • Notices about the application window for grants, fellowships, competitions, etc. While the final deadline for applying for grant/fellowship/competition could be added as a calendar item, the entire two-month window for applying should not. These types of notices should be added as an Announcement.

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