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Stewarding a website means carefully and responsibly managing the site, keeping pages fresh, and making sure that a site continues to meet users’ needs. Stewardship is critical in ensuring content on is accurate and speaking to your target audience.

Designated CMS users for a department/program/office should be familiar with the following:

  • The site’s main business objectives. What is the key purpose of the site? What key message(s) do we want the audience to walk away with?
  • Target audience. Are you writing and presenting content in a way that appeals to your audience? What are the needs of your key audience, and are you meeting those needs?
  • Key tasks and calls to action. What tasks are users coming to your site to perform? Are they looking for information? Applying to a program?

A stewardship plan should include a schedule that identifies how often your team will update pages and check to make sure links are working. You need to have clear standards to help you decide how often content should be updated, and what should be taken down.

For some sites, a six-month review of content is acceptable; for others, where content may change more regularly or is more time-sensitive, a more frequent content review may be necessary to avoid outdated web content.