You can choose from many ways to get around WPI, including walking, biking, ride-sharing, safety transports, and more — many of which are free for students. Explore the options below to be more sustainable in your transportation choices. 


Begun as an  IQP project, the Gompei’s Gears Bike Share Program allows students and faculty to sign out a bike for free for up to 8 hours.


The Gateway Shuttle and Price Chopper Shuttle run between different parts of campus and the surrounding Worcester area.

Student Night Assistance Patrol (SNAP)

SNAP is a service co-run by Residential Services and Campus Police to provide transportation to WPI students, faculty, and staff during the night hours of the academic year. 

Public Transportation

Worcester is a great place to use public transportation. From commuter rail and train access to local bus service, WPI is helping reduce carbon emissions by using greener options. Learn more about local transportation at WPI.


WPI hopes to reduce the number of single-occupancy vehicles (SOVs) in use by our community. SOVs have relatively high greenhouse gas emissions per passenger mile when compared to other forms of transportation. 

For those who need to use cars, students can ride in or drive a car through Carpool World, a free carpool matching service, and WPI’s Zipcars, which have many fuel-efficient and hybrid vehicle options.

Electric Vehicles

WPI is pleased to be among the few universities in Central Massachusetts that provide free electric vehicle charging on our campus.  We have ten dual Chargepoint 4000 Series chargers, providing twenty charging ports. Three chargers are located inside the ParkWAvenue Garage, five chargers are located inside the Gateway garage, and two chargers are in the Boynton parking lot.  The Chargepoint software provides EV Drivers with information on the available ports and charging status.

As a convenience to our electric vehicle drivers, the Office of Sustainability created an email alias,, to facilitate communication about charging matters. Drivers have been using this alias to communicate with each other about issues and concerns. We also have used it to share information about charging problems or scheduled maintenance. As such, we encourage all of our EV drivers to join the email alias. If you are an electric vehicle driver, are not currently on our email alias, and would appreciate communication regarding the charging stations, you can request that your name be added by emailing

Read the full policy (PDF) for more information.