AVMI Co-Directors

Vladimir Vantsevich

Phone: +1 (508) 8315013

Vladimir Vantsevich is a professor in the Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering. He serves as co-Director and Principal Investigator of the Autonomous Vehicle Mobility Institute (AVMI). Prior to WPI, he worked as a professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and Lawrence Technological University (LTU) in Michigan. Before LTU, Dr. Vantsevich was a professor of Belarusian National Technical University and the Head of Research and Design Group on Multi-Wheel Drive Vehicles that designed and developed mechatronic and mechanical driveline systems for various purpose vehicles ...

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Lee Moradi
Professor of Practice, Mechanical & Materials Engineering

Phone: +1 (508) 8316186

Lee Moradi, PhD, PEWPI School of Engineering, Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering (MME) Lee Moradi joined WPI in February 2022 as a Professor in the Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering (MME).  He is also the Co-Director of the Autonomous Vehicle Mobility Institute (AVMI).  Prior to WPI, Lee had 18 years of experience with industry and 25 years as a faculty and director at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB).  Lee held several leadership positions at UAB including:1.     Director of Engineering & Innovative Technology ...

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AVMI Expertise and Staffs

Hunter Zhang
Research Engineer, Office of the Provost

Phone: +1 (508) 8314896

Dr. Siyuan (Hunter) Zhang is the research engineer and lab manager of Autonomous Vehicle Mobility at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI). His research areas contain virtualization of unstructured terrain environment and dynamics of mechanical and mechatronic systems of autonomous ground vehicles, including i) dynamics of distributed/virtual electric driveline systems of fully electric vehicles and ii) vehicle performance control systems. Before joining WPI, he has been coordinating and supervising five industry collaborative research projects (~$1Million) and successfully presented the work ...

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Masood Ghasemi
Research Scientist, Office of the Provost

Phone: +1 (508) 8315887

Dr. Masood Ghasemi is a Research Scientist member of Autonomous Vehicle Mobility at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) since October 2022. Dr. Ghasemi's background is in Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis on systems dynamics and control. Prior joining WPI, he was a lead/quad member of several Automotive Research Center's projects as well as Simulator's of Autonomous Mobility at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Dr. Ghasemi was a Senior Control Systems Engineer at FG Innovations, Inc. He has served as a Technical Lead at DENSO International America, Inc., as well as he was a ...

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Jesse Paldan
Research Associate, Office of the Provost

Jesse Paldan joined WPI as a Research Associate for the Autonomous Vehicle Mobility Institute (AVMI) in 2022. Before WPI, he worked as a graduate research assistant for the University of Alabama at Birmingham and Lawrence Technological University in Michigan. He received a Master's degree in Mechatronics Systems Engineering from Lawrence Technological University in 2010. He has over ten years of experience working on projects focusing on vehicle dynamics, hybrid and electric vehicles, and modeling and simulation of mechatronic systems.

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Affiliated WPI Faculties

Kenny Ching
Assistant Professor, The Business School

I am a researcher on organization behavior, people analytics and entrepreneurship related topics, with particular focus on applying advanced econometrics and big data based research designs. I have particular expertise in the digital economy, including Internet video, sports analytics, Web-3 and electronic gaming.  I have published my research widely in top field journals, including Organization Science, Research Policy and Industrial & Corporate Change.  I also teach classes on general business strategy, technology management, entrepreneurship and the digital ...

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Gillian Smith
Associate Professor, Computer Science

Phone: +1 (508) 8316986

Gillian Smith, an award-winning game designer, joined WPI in 2017. Her interdisciplinary work merges technical research in AI and HCI with creative practice in textiles and games, with a view towards addressing social issues and broadening participation and perspectives on computing. Their research interests are in computational creativity, game design, computer science education, and the intersection of traditional crafts and computation. In 2021 Professor Smith was appointed director of WPI’s Interactive Media and Games Development program – one of the earliest gaming programs in the ...

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Alexander Wyglinski
Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Phone: +1 (508) 8315000 x5061

Dr. Alexander M. Wyglinski is the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies at WPI since 2021.  In this role, Dr. Wyglinski's activities primarily focus on devising sustainable, scalable, and innovative solutions for enabling individuals to pursue graduate degree programs in support of their professional development goals.  Several of these activities include the creation of an Experiential PhD framework enabling full-time industry practitioners to simultaneously pursue part-time doctoral studies, implementation of interdisciplinary PhD programs focused on emerging areas involving cross-cutting ...

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Lin Cheng
Assistant Professor, Mechanical & Materials Engineering

Phone: +1 (508) 8316848

Dr. Lin Cheng is an assistant professor in the Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering at WPI. His research lies in the interdisciplinary field of scientific machine learning and additive manufacturing, with a specific concentration on the development of physics-based machine learning and its application for computational design of functional materials, and multi-scale and multi-physics modeling for AM. 

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Konstantin Lurie

Phone: +1 (508) 8315000 x5293

Konstantin's research has, since the early '60s, been focused on optimal control of distributed systems, specifically, on optimal material design. The journal papers and books he published since laid a solid foundation of this discipline, as we know it today. The need for optimal design comes from everyday life and from various technological requirements that put forth numerous challenges demanding better quality, less weight, lower cost, faster operation, etc. Today, these demands cannot be addressed on intuitive basis alone, as was true through centuries of world civilization, but appear to ...

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AVMI Students

PhD Students

Huashuai Fan, hfan@wpi.edu

Graduate Students

Haggay Vardi, hvardi@wpi.edu

Noah Wolf, nbwolf@wpi.edu

Undergraduate Students

Todd Petry, trpetry@wpi.edu

Jacob McCarthy, jwmccarthy@wpi.edu

John Frahm, jrfrahm@wpi.edu

Lorenzo Hess, lhess@wpi.edu

Nicholas Healy, njhealy@wpi.edu

Yicheng Si, ysi@wpi.edu