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LEAP @ WPI/QCC is committed to collaborating with industry affiliates to accelerate the growth of integrated photonics. From developing training opportunities and certificate programs to application prototyping with state-of-the-art equipment, LEAP is prioritizing the needs of industry in everything it does. Even the advanced manufacturing techniques employed at LEAP are highly-compatible with those used at the AIM Photonics Facilities in Upstate New York. Thus, industry affiliates of LEAP have the unique opportunity to economically-prototype integrated photonic products before embarking on the journey to mass-production.

From small start-ups in Worcester to established corporations, LEAP's highly-flexible membership model allows us to work with companies of any size to identify how integrated photonics can best be incorporated into their business model.

Tiered-Membership: A Flexible Approach to Supporting Industry Affiliates

LEAP @ WPI/QCC is actively supporting the growth of the integrated photonics rapid prototyping and manufacturing sector in Central Massachusetts. Possible Industry Affiliate membership benefits included:

  • Usage of laboratory and cleanroom facilities
  • Opportunities to engage with experts at the forefront of integrated photonics and related technology sectors
  • New distribution channels to promote company products and services
  • Access to student talent (AS/BS/MS/Ph.D.) to fulfill hiring needs and for potential project collaboration

For more information about LEAP @ WPI/QCC Industry Affiliate membership, please contact

Complementary Expertise at the Forefront of Integrated Photonics Innovation

Douglas Petkie
It’s about integrating medicine with engineering, leveraging scientific discoveries for new applications, identifying benefits for community stakeholders, and understanding the impact on society.
  • Douglas Petkie
  • Director of LEAP @ WPI/QCC
Lyubov Titova
We have people at the LEAP – faculty and students – with different but complementary expertise. It’s very inspiring. We have faculty from physics, from engineering – from the chemical engineering side to optical engineering.
  • Lyubov Titova
  • Core LEAP Faculty Member

Learn about how Core LEAP Faculty Member Yuxiang “Shawn” Liu and his fellow researchers have paved the way to incorporate optical tweezers on a lab-on-chip the size of a postage stamp.