Healthcare Research

What are some key advancements in healthcare that have inspired researchers in PracticePoint?

PracticePoint was inspired by the growing use of cyber physical systems in healthcare. New healthcare technologies such as surgical robots, rehabilitation robots, and home health monitoring can benefit from integration and testing with the infrastructure commonly found at the point of care. PracticePoint provides a space for engineers and researchers to test and iterate on new devices and health technologies in simulated point of care environments.  

What technological advances in healthcare are the most important ones in the last 3 years?

Recent technological advances in telehealth, remote monitoring, and non-contact patient care have seen rapid development and implementation in the last few years as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. These technologies require complex interactions with home and healthcare environments to connect patients to medical practitioners. These advances streamline the delivery of care, improve patient access, and protect the healthcare professionals from exposure to harmful diseases.  

Why is research and development important in healthcare? 

Devices developed for healthcare applications must integrate into complex healthcare environments while being reliable and easy to use. New healthcare advancements must undergo extensive research and development prior to use in patients to ensure safety, efficacy, and streamlined operation. Here at PracticePoint, we focus on technological advances in healthcare in innovative suites accessible to industry partners.

What kind of health research can one do inside a healthcare suite at PracticePoint? 

PracticePoint can support the healthcare R&D process from ideation through early pre-clinical testing. In particular, PracticePoint’s healthcare suites are ideal for human factors testing and testing integration with point of care technologies. Check out some of the research our undergraduate and graduate students pursue at PracticePoint.