We Are Makers, Leaders, and Boundary Breakers 

At the forefront of innovation and entrepreneurship, WPI's Business School faculty brings research into the classroom, giving students an opportunity to learn by doing. From applications that help people manage diabetes and reduce stress, to eye- tracking technology that improves user experiences, to how businesses can learn from the arts, to projects that help make businesses more sustainable, our faculty research makes a real-world impact while inspiring a new generation of makers, leaders, and boundary breakers.


Research to Disrupt Wildlife Trafficking

Wildlife trafficking is illegal and has a broad and devastating impact on thousands of species. Two faculty members at WPI are researching how to use technology stop this trade that generates billions of dollars in annual revenue worldwide.


User Experience & Decision Making Laboratory

The UXDM Lab creates value through innovation with user experience. In collaboration with academic researchers and industry experts, the lab investigates the entire user experience through observation, physiological measuring and eye-tracking. 


Living and Breathing Innovation & Entrepreneurship at WPI

Innovation and entrepreneurship (I&E) is part of everything we do at WPI. I&E isn't only for those interested in start ups. Programs here include networking, workshops, and events as varied as pitch competitions, prototyping seed funding, mentorship, or even the freedom to tinker in our Makerspace.

Healthcare in the Right Hands

As part of their overall research interest in how technology can improve the delivery of healthcare, Diane Strong and Bengisu Tulu, faculty researchers in The Business School, apply funding from the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health to create apps that give patients more control over their own well-being, reduce the need for doctor visits and other interventions, and to improve the quality of care that physicians and other healthcare providers can deliver.