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Summer of 2022:  Open Positions in the STEM Education Center 

Interested in working for WPI? Come work with us, and help transform PreK-12 STEM education! Review of applications starts July 1.  The STEM Education Center works directly with the Physics Department and other departments in a program where students can get a STEM degree AND an initial MA Teacher Licensure in four years!  The STEM Education Center plays a critical collaborative role in the Physics Teacher Education Coalition (PhysTEC) site at WPI and leads the Noyce Scholars Program.  


WPI is passionate about providing educational opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) both for K-16 students as well as K-16 educators. The Physics Department and STEM Education Center host a Physics Teacher Education Coalition (PhysTEC) Site and have a pre-service Physics Teacher Preparation Program that results in both a BS in Physics or other aligned degrees (most math and engineering majors) AND a Massachusetts Initial Teaching License. Current in-service K-12 teachers can enroll in the Master of Science in Physics for Educators program to advance their careers to the Professional License. We continue to build programs to engage both educators and students and we welcome you to contact us for more information at

PhysTEC Comprehensive Site: The WPI Physics Department and STEM Education Center teamed up to become of the four national PhysTEC Comprehensive Site funded by PhysTEC by a National Science Foundation grant to develop programs to address the high demand of qualified physics and STEM K-12 teachers needed to educate and inspire the next generation of global problem solvers.   WPI will use the foundational project based learning curriculum seek new ways to improve recruitment efforts and coordinate mentoring among students in the physics teacher preparation program, faculty, in-service teachers, academic advising, and the STEM Education Center Teacher Preparation Program.  Students graduate with a BS in Physics or Applied Physics, or a degree in a closely aligned major, AND graduate with a Massachusetts Initial Teaching License.  Students in this program work with WPI faculty as a Peer Learning Assistant to assist faculty in teaching courses and with the Teacher-In-Residence from a regional high school.  A flyer for the program can be found here.

The PhysTEC Team is: Doug Petkie, Shari Weaver, Rudra Kafle, Izabela Stroe, L Dana and the WPI Teacher-in-Residence, Thomas (TJ) Noviello, Physics Teacher, Science Department Head, Leominster High School.  TJ is also a STEP UP Ambassador.  

TJ Noviello - PhysTEC Teacher-in-Residence

TJ Noviello - PhysTEC Teacher-in-Residence  alt
TJ Noviello - PhysTEC Teacher-in-Residence


Teacher Advisory Group (TAG).  Join regional physics and science teachers to share strategies for teaching and student learning.  We have periodic virtual meetings and please contact TJ Noviello (thomas.noviello 'at' gmail) or Doug Petkie for more information.  

Master of Science in Physics for Educators program, MPED: Designed for in-serve physics and science teachers to advance their careers, deepen their content and pedagogical knowledge, explore new techniques from the Physics Education Research (PER) community, and develop new ways to encourage their students to discover the joys of physics. 

In-serve teachers in the program have a discounted tutition rate with the cost of $500/graduate credit hour.