Listing of Presenters for AweSTEM! 2015

Thank you for joining us for AweSTEM! 2015. Below is a list of all presenters including links to their websites (if they have one) and documents they wanted to share with participants. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email Katie Elmes at kaelmes@wpi.edu.

Transformation Unit: Transformation Animation and Character Dilation         1

Anne Emery and Danielle Shaveet, Thomas Prince School; anne_emery@wrsd.net

Middle School

Transformation Animations (PDF)

Carton Dilation (PDF)

La Casa y La Familia: Design and Build a Spanish Inspired House        2

Erin Dubzinski, Thomas Prince School, erin_dubzinski@wrsd.net

Middle School

Belize Home Information (PDF)

Final Check List (PDF)

House Project (PDF)


Spanish House Powerpoint (PDF)

Spanish House Document (PDF)

Spanish Math Document (PDF)

WPI Summer Experience        3


Summer Programs: Kristin Goppel; kgoppel@wpi.edu 

Early Education/Elementary, Middle School, High School

Camp Reach Teacher: Sue Sontgerath; ssont@wpi.edu

Middle School

ExxonMobil Bernard Harris Summer Science Camp: Maria Borowski; mborowski@wpi.edu  

Middle School  

WPI Programs for your Student Group        4


Early Education/Elementary, Middle School, High School

The Gingerbread Man and STEM        5

Andrew Hacket and Christina Kristoff, Thomas Prince School; andrew_hacket@wrsd.net & christina_kristoff@wrsd.net 

Early Education/Elementary School

Comparing and Contrasting Gingerbread Model (PDF)

Gingerbread Houses (PDF)

Gingerbread Unit (PDF)

Gingerbread Writing Paper (PDF)

Gingerbread Engineering Tasks (PDF)

Were You Successful Doc (PDF)

Design a Desk        6

Carrie Crowell and Denise Prunier, Thomas Prince School; carrie_crowell@wrsd.net 

Early Education/Elementary School

Design a Desk (PDF)

Share Industry Roles (PDF)

Inq-ITS by SLINQ    7


Janice Gobert; jgobert@wpi.edu

Middle School

Mass Academy Professional Development        8


Shari Weaver; sweaver@wpi.edu 

Middle and High School

Mass Academy (PDF)

STEM Education Center Professional Development       9

STEM Integration for District Leaders


Mia Dubosarsky; mdubosarsky@wpi.edu 

Early Education/Elementary, Middle and High School

Baby Bear Goes to the Zoo: ELL and STEM         10

Erin Da Silvaneto, Nashoba Regional School District; edasilvaneto@nrsd.net

Early Education/Elementary and Middle School

Engineering a Story (PDF) 

Light Up Map (PDF)

PVC Pipe Car (PDF)

Beautiful Transformations: The Art of Transforming Parent Functions     11

Susan Russo, Holy Name Jr/Sr High School; Susan.Russo@holyname.net 

Middle and High School

The Art of Mathematics (PDF)

Master's Degrees for Educators: Math and Physics        12


Katie Elmes; kaelmes@wpi.edu 

Middle and High School

Chemistry and Physics Explored at Home        13

Jackie Bonneau, Mass Academy; bonneau@wpi.edu

High School

A Ride to Nowhere (PDF)

Create Grade 3 and 4 Ideas (PDF)

Creative Optics Problem (PDF)

Games and the Periodic Table (PDF)

Magic Salt Crystal Garden (PDF)

Mobile Criteria (PDF)

pH Home Test (PDF)

Phaulty Philm (PDF)

Puzzle Print (PDF)

Speed of Darkness (PDF)

Superbowl (PDF)

The Pencil Revolution (PDF)

ASSISTments        14


Cristina Heffernan; ch@wpi.edu 

Early Education/Elementary, Middle and High School

Bootstrap        15

Independent Program with WPI Affiliation

Emma Youndtsmith; emma@bootstrapworld.org 

Middle and High School

Bootstrap (PDF)

Integrating Environmental Science and Biology with Engineering     16

Maria Berrios and Karen Ares, Auburn High School; mberrios@auburn.k12.ma.us & kares@auburn.k12.ma.us 

High School

AweSTEM Presentation (PDF)

Wind Turbine Challenge (PDF)

Research Experience for Teachers        17


Aaron Sakulich; arsakulich@wpi.edu 

Middle and High School

Project Lead The Way        18


Terry Adams; tadams@wpi.edu 

Early Education/Elementary, Middle and High School

PLTW Overview (PDF)

Robotics K-5: In and After School        19

John O’Neill, West Brookfield Elementary School; jfoneill@quaboagrsd.org

Early Education/Elementary School

Lego Presentation (PDF)

ROADS to Asia STEAM Project        20

Amanda Martinez and Kayla Spellane, Thomas Prince School; amanda_martinez@wrsd.net and kayla_spellane@wrsd.net

Middle School

ROADS to Asia STEAM Project (PDF)