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WPI offers limited financial assistance to international (non-immigrant) students. We cannot, however, guarantee meeting applicants' full financial need.

Financial assistance is only offered to international students who enter as first-year students – no assistance is available to international transfer students. Financial assistance should be considered secondary to family, government, and other sponsor support for the student's studies.

WPI does not offer any financial packages that exceed the cost of tuition. To be considered for financial assistance, students must demonstrate a minimum family contribution of $22,000 per year to cover all living and travel expenses.  Students applying for financial aid must submit the CSS Profile (WPI school code 3969) along with their application for admission.

All international applicants who are not applying for financial aid should complete and submit WPI’s Certification of Finances Form (  demonstrating their ability to pay the full cost of attendance.  This form is required only for students accepted to the university and who will enroll. Students applying for financial aid should submit only the CSS Profile at the time of application.

  • How do I apply?

    Students applying for financial aid must submit the CSS Profilewith their application for admission. International students not applying for financial aid should submit the Certification of Finances Form ( documenting their ability to pay the full cost of attendance.

    Please visit the Admissions Office's page about financing your education as an international student.

    Returning International Students do not need to reapply for financial aid each year. For additional questions, please contact

  • Merit-Based Academic Scholarships

    WPI offers competitive academic merit-based scholarships to first-year applicants based on academic performance in high school, leadership, extracurricular involvement and community service.

    IB diploma graduates with a diploma score of 40 or greater admitted to WPI are guaranteed an academic merit-based scholarship worth a minimum of $25,000. 

    All applicants for admission are automatically considered for merit scholarships. No additional applications are required. Additional information is available on WPI’s merit-based scholarships.

  • International Need-Based Scholarships

    In addition to merit-based scholarships, WPI offers a limited number of need-based scholarships to international students. Because WPI has limited funds available, only a portion of the admitted international students are awarded an international scholarship each year. The awards vary in amount but typically range from $5,000 to $25,000. These awards are renewed each year provided the student remains in good academic standing. WPI does not guarantee to meet applicants' full financial need. 

    International scholarships are based upon financial need, the student's academic profile, and any special talents or experiences that the student will bring to WPI. Because no award amounts are greater than the cost of tuition, families are expected to contribute a minimum of $22,000 for living and travel expenses to the total cost of attendance at WPI.

    Because funding is limited, families who have the financial resources to fund the entire cost of attendance should not apply for financial aid. WPI maintains a need-aware admissions process for international (non-immigrant) applicants.

    It is possible to receive an award that is a combination of a merit-based scholarship and an international scholarship; however, WPI offers very few combined awards. It is important to note that combined awards never exceed the cost of tuition.

    In order to apply for an International Scholarship, students must complete the CSS Profile at the time of application.  

  • Working on Campus

    WPI allows international students to work part-time on campus. Positions are available in a variety of offices and services. The application process for many positions in competitive, and new students are encouraged to apply directly upon arrival at WPI. New positions are listed through our Human Resources website throughout the year.  While these positions can help students with their expenses, it is important to note that international students are limited in the hours per week that they can work. Student employees will typically earn $1,500 to $2,500 in an academic year.

  • Monthly Payment Plan – Tuition Management Services

    Students and their families may choose to repay over two six month periods (June - November for fall balances, December - May for spring balances) through Tuition Management Services. There are no charges or interest beyond the $55 per term application fee. Visit our Bursar's Office website for more information.

  • Cooperative Education Program

    WPI offers a cooperative education program (co-op) for students, including non-citizens, in good academic standing. Co-op provides students with experience and career direction. The program makes students more aware of the day-to-day operations of industry and exposes students to professional standards and methods used to accomplish objectives in a business environment. The professional skills and networks students develop are one reason co-op often leads to permanent employment after graduation. On average, WPI students earn an average between $21,000 - $26,000, depending on the co-op assignment.

    Students have the option of completing one or two co-op assignments between the end of their sophomore year and beginning of their senior year. The assignment periods are January through August or May through December. The program has been designed for maximum flexibility so it can be responsive to each student's academic and financial needs.

    A position is not guaranteed, but every effort is made to identify as many opportunities as possible so that all interested students can participate in the program. We currently place approximately 95% of interested students. For more information please visit the Career Development Center website.

  • Summer Internship Program

    WPI's Summer Internship Program serves the students of WPI as they explore career options, gain world-of-work experience, earn income and contribute to society during the summer months. Students typically find positions in and around the Worcester/Boston area. Salaries can vary greatly. For more information please visit the Career Development Center website.

  • Loans

    Several US-based lenders are able to provide modest loans to international students. These loans require a US citizen as a co-signer on the loan. For more details, please visit:

  • Other Options

    Below is a list of resources and programs that may aid you in learning about additional grants, scholarships and loans.

    1. NAFSA provides a comprehensive overview of International Student Financial Aid options
    2. Canadian Student Loan Program serves Canadian citizens studying in the United States.
    3. FinAid, sponsored by the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA) is a comprehensive guide to financial aid
    4. eduPASS! The SmartStudent - Guide to Studying in the USA for international students.
    5. National Science Foundation Grants
    6. The College Board's Financial Aid Services
    7. Educators for Fair Choice maintains listings of scholarships available to undergraduate non-citizens, including undocumented students
    8. Macarthur Foundation
    9. Fellowship Office of the National Research Council allows you to search for the fellowships that are open to international students
    10. The Rotary Foundation provides academic year, multi-year and Cultural Scholarships to study abroad.
    11. The Organization of American States, an international organization based in Washington, DC offers, through the Rowe Fund program, interest-free loans to competent students from Latin American and Caribbean countries to help them finance their final two years of undergraduate studies.
  • Lesley Small Scholarship - Opening Opportunity for Women in STEM

    Named for Lesley Small, Class of 1972, who was the first woman to graduate from WPI, the aim of this scholarship is to disrupt persistent barriers to inclusion, retention and success of women in STEM fields and to advance a welcoming experience at WPI for them, as for all students.  In recognition of Small’s dedication, the burdens imposed on her based on her gender, and the impact she had on her peers and STEM fields, this scholarship is awarded to students based on these considerations: 

    • The student has been accepted to WPI and is entering their first year of college
    • The student’s lived experiences and work inside and outside of the classroom align with our institutional values of respect, community, inclusion, innovation, and achievement and the student either
      • Demonstrates their deep knowledge and understanding of issues of sexism in American education (including in STEM) and society or
      • Demonstrates such knowledge and understanding as well as that they have an authentic and strong commitment to ameliorating sexism affecting women in American education, STEM fields and/or society. 

    Personal experience, learning and service are some ways in which students can demonstrate these qualities.  WPI particularly seeks students with these qualities to advance educational diversity that enhances inclusive, equitable and high-quality learning for all students and innovation and excellence in STEM fields.