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Celebrating the
Class of 2020


Highlighting the academic and personal journeys
of WPI's graduating students






WPI Earle Bridge

Celebrating the WPI Class of 2020

Your day. Your accomplishments. Your future.

When you first crossed Earle Bridge at the beginning of your WPI journey, it was with the knowledge that you’d cross it again on your way to becoming a WPI graduate. And you will. You’ll take the walk through campus to the Quad that’s been years in the making, the one you’ve been waiting for. In the meantime, I hope you’ll take a special one with me today.

Congratulations, Class of 2020—you did it. For all of us at WPI, it’s been a privilege to be a part of your remarkable journeys and to witness your amazing accomplishments and transformations as you become the leaders of tomorrow. Whether you were with us for your bachelor's, master's, or doctoral degree, you have had an everlasting impact not only on the WPI community, but on communities locally and around the globe.  Here are just a few of your extraordinary stories.

Bringing Tech to Bazou, Cameroon

"This will definitely change their lives"See how Albert Nana Beka ’20, who graduated with a bachelor’s and master’s in mechanical engineering in December 2019, used skills from his IQP at WICN radio in Worcester to help him and others create a multimedia center with 60 computers in his home village of Bazou, Cameroon.

Speeding Up Neuroscience Research

PhD candidate Doug Reilly, who successfully defended his biology and biotechnology dissertation via videoconference, worked closely alongside associate professor of biology and biotechnology Jagan Srinivasan to develop a tool to identify molecular receptors for phermones in worms. The research could speed up neuroscience research into pheromones.

Football Standout Earns Dream Job

Management engineering major Sam Casey '20 (#8 above) pictured himself getting a job in the construction field. However, the standout football player with the WPI Engineers is taking an unexpected path: he’s following his dream as the new defensive coordinator at Fitchburg State University. And in that job he’ll be using much of what he learned at WPI, both on the field and in the classroom.

Steps to Success

After earning a bachelor’s in Industrial Engineering and a master’s in Management in just four years, Waleria Duarte ’20 is now on her way to join GE Aviation’s Operations Management Leadership Program (OMLP). She shared her personal motto she followed to help make it all happen: Every obstacle is a step to success. She explains, “This quote describes my journey and my perspective on life."


Stepping Up in the Fight Against COVID-19

Andrew Nagal '20, MS in Robotics Engineering, has been diligently working from his home in Houston producing PPEs for hospitals.

Along with his mom––a nurse––and some members of the Houston community, Andrew started Provide Our Heroes, a volunteer project to produce and provide PPE to frontline hospital workers. Currently they are 3D printing 150 face shields a day and have donated over 1100 face shields to hospitals in Houston, Seattle, NYC, and California. 

Looking Back: Goats of the Week

Theatre producers, researchers, honor society members, admissions representatives, scholars…these are some of the members of the Class of 2020 who were recognized throughout the year as #GoatsoftheWeek on the university’s social media channels.



Student Voices from the Class of 2020

Alissa O

Alissa O.

Senior, BS in Computer Science, Mathematical Sciences

Alissa sought out research opportunities with the Math Department that led to her completing an undergraduate research project with Vestigo Ventures—a project that has turned into her MQP and led to the submission of a research paper to IEEE.

Ari Trey-Masters sits next to the sign at WPI's main entrance. He's wearing a yellow Cheese Club shirt with a cow on it and jeans, and has several blocks of cheese next to him.

Ari T.-M.

Senior, BS in Biomedical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering

Ari balances academic success with leadership opportunities and being an active member of the campus community.


Joshua D.

Senior, BS in Biology & Biotechnology

Joshua’s work on his IQP in Australia and ecological research he has completed––especially projects involving songbirds with Professor Marja Bakermans––has led to a valuable undergraduate experience and, hopefully, grad school in the future.

chloe adler-mandile

Chloe A.

Senior, BS in Electrical & Computer Engineering

WPI has not only provided Chloe with life-changing, hands-on experiences, but it also helped her to grow and find her own voice in her field.

WPI student

Alli R.

Senior, BS in Biology & Biotechnology

As a pre-vet student with a variety of passions of her own, Alli loves that everyone in the WPI community has their own “thing.”

Professional photo of Floris

Floris V.

Senior, BS in Robotic Engineering and Computer Science

An international student from the Netherlands reaches new heights with WPI’s project-based curriculum through his IQP and through his undergraduate research experience.

jiayi jiang

Jiayi J.

Senior, BS in Electrical & Computer Engineering

For Jiayi, WPI’s project based learning has allowed her to have unique, hands-on experiences that may not have been possible at other institutions

Sebastian R.

Sebastian R.

Senior, BS in Business (concentration in Innovation for Social Change)

Sebastian finds his purpose, thanks to his faculty mentors and his engagement with the WPI campus community.

mona elokda

Mona E.

Senior, BS in Electrical & Computer Engineering

WPI has provided Mona with a life-long support system and invaluable hands-on experiences that has paved the way for her bright future.