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National Science Foundation CAREER Award

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The National Science Foundation's CAREER Award is the most prestigious NSF award for faculty members early in their careers as researchers and educators. It recognizes junior faculty members who successfully integrate education and research within their organizations.

Browse National Science Foundation CAREER Award awardees

Year Recipient Type Department(s)
2018 Cagdas Onal      Faculty Mechanical & Materials Engineering
2018 Lyubov Titova Faculty Physics
2017 Craig Shue Faculty Computer Science
2017 Ivon Arroyo Faculty Social Science & Policy Studies
2017 Kyumin Lee Faculty Computer Science
2016 Michael Timko Faculty Chemical Engineering
2016 Scarlet Shell Faculty Biology & Biotechnology
2015 Sarah Olson Faculty Mathematical Sciences
2013 Luis Vidali Faculty Biology & Biotechnology
2012 Diana Lados Faculty Mechanical & Materials Engineering
2012 Nima Rahbar Faculty Civil, Environmental, & Architectural Engineering
2012 Thomas Eisenbarth Faculty Electrical & Computer Engineering
2011 Shawn Burdette Faculty Chemistry & Biochemistry
2009 Ali Rangwala Faculty Fire Protection Engineering
2009 Dmitry Korkin Faculty Computer Science
2008 Balaji Panchapakesan Faculty Mechanical & Materials Engineering
2005 Donald Brown Faculty Electrical & Computer Engineering
2005 Neil Heffernan Faculty Computer Science
2003 Nikolaos Kazantzis Faculty Chemical Engineering
2003 Terri Camesano Faculty Chemical Engineering
2002 Berk Sunar Faculty Electrical & Computer Engineering
2002 Kathi Fisler Faculty Computer Science
2002 Luca Capogna Faculty
2001 Germano Iannacchione Faculty Physics
2000 Elizabeth Ryder Faculty Biology & Biotechnology
2000 Marcus Sarkis Faculty Mathematical Sciences
1998 George Heineman Faculty Computer Science
1997 Fabio Ribeiro Faculty
1997 John McNeill Faculty Electrical & Computer Engineering
1995 Chrysanthe Demetry Faculty Mechanical & Materials Engineering
1991 Tahar El-Korchi Faculty