Two Towers Prize

Awarded by
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

In keeping with the original purposes of the founders of WPI, the Two Towers Prize is awarded to the student who, through general academic competence, campus leadership, regular course work, and special work in research and projects, best exemplifies a combined proficiency in the theoretical and practical union that is at the heart of the WPI educational tradition. This prize was given by Mildred M. Tymeson Petrie, author of Two Towers, WPI's centennial history.


Applications will be accepted as of: February 1, 2023

Student deadline: March 21, 2023

Faculty deadline: March 29, 2023

Applications are accepted online and include the following materials (PDF Files Only): 

  • A personal statement written by the student describing his or her academic and other interests at WPI as well as aspirations or goals (500-1000 words, PDF only);
  • A PDF version of the student’s transcript. For directions on downloading your transcript, click here.
  • A resume with a brief description of leadership, campus and community service, employment, internships, research and academic projects (1-2 pages, PDF Only); and
  • A faculty letter of support testifying to the student’s qualifications.  (Additional letters of support from faculty or staff are welcome but not required.) 


The application consists of three steps.  

  1. Students meet with faculty members to discuss their application.
  2. Students prepare their personal statement and resume and download their transcript. For directions on how to download your transcript, click here. Save all files as PDF documents.
  3. Students submit their materials (personal statement, transcript, and resume) through the online application system by April 6, 2022. When the student has completed submitting these materials, the faculty will be notified by email to submit their letters of support in the online application. All materials must be submitted as PDF documents. 

The selection committee will include the Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Studies, plus additional faculty representatives.

Browse Two Towers Prize Recipients

Year Recipient Award Level Type Department Details
2022 Stephen Price Winner Undergraduate Computer Science
2022 Maya Ellis Honorable Mention Undergraduate Electrical & Computer Engineering
2021 Rose Noggle Winner Undergraduate Civil, Environmental, & Architectural Engineering
2021 Mikel Matticoli Honorable Mention Undergraduate Interactive Media & Game Development
2021 Zoe Januszewski Honorable Mention Undergraduate Industrial Engineering
2020 Mark Bray Winner Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering
2020 Amanda Lowther Honorable Mention Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering
2019 Alissa Ostapenko Winner Undergraduate Computer Science, Mathematical Sciences
2019 Joshua Driscoll Honorable Mention Undergraduate Biology & Biotechnology
2018 Toni Joy Honorable Mention Undergraduate Industrial Engineering
2018 Brian Zylich Honorable Mention Undergraduate Computer Science
2018 Maria Daigle Winner Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering, Psychological Science
2017 Alex Markoski Winner Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical & Materials Engineering
2016 Conrad M. Ruiz Winner Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering
2016 Gyneth Campbell Honorable Mention Undergraduate Mechanical & Materials Engineering
2015 Jinghan Wu Honorable Mention Undergraduate Mechanical & Materials Engineering, Professional Writing
2015 Nidhi M. Diwakar Winner Undergraduate Robotics Engineering
2014 Thomas Moutinho Winner Undergraduate
2014 Luke Perreault Honorable Mention Undergraduate
2013 Timothy Grupp Winner Undergraduate
2013 Sarah Ann Cote Honorable Mention Undergraduate
2012 Nouran Abdelfattah Winner Undergraduate
2012 Jennifer Mann Honorable Mention Undergraduate
2011 Matthew Connolly Winner Undergraduate
2011 Celena Dopart Winner Undergraduate
2011 Tayeisha Jackson Honorable Mention Undergraduate
2011 Sarah Mattessich Honorable Mention Undergraduate
2010 Olufunmilayo Olatokunbo Adebayo Winner Undergraduate
2010 Elizabeth Dailey Honorable Mention Undergraduate
2009 Roseann S. Gammal Winner Undergraduate
2009 Kelly E. Johnson Winner Undergraduate
2009 Manasi P. Vartak Honorable Mention Undergraduate
2008 Daniel J. Smaltz Honorable Mention Undergraduate
2008 Indraneel Sircar Winner Undergraduate
2008 Syed M. Ali Honorable Mention Undergraduate
2008 Nicholas L. Pelletier Honorable Mention Undergraduate
2007 Charles A. Gammal III Winner Undergraduate
2007 Jill M. Goldstein Honorable Mention Undergraduate
2007 Krystal L. Parker Honorable Mention Undergraduate
2007 Akanksha Sharma Honorable Mention Undergraduate
2006 Amanda McCullough Winner Undergraduate
2006 Sanjayan Manivannan Winner Undergraduate
2005 Martin D. Driggs Winner Undergraduate
2004 Sidharth G. Rupani Winner Undergraduate
2003 Jessica M. McAlear Winner Undergraduate
2002 Nina K. Simon Winner Undergraduate
2001 Katherine C. Wheeler Winner Undergraduate
2000 Nicholas F. Arcolano Winner Undergraduate
1999 Erica L. Tworog Winner Undergraduate
1998 Jennifer M. Wright Winner Undergraduate
1997 Michael T. Willock Winner Undergraduate
1996 Jeffrey D. Spaleta Winner Undergraduate
1995 James P. Naughton Winner Undergraduate
1994 Kevin M. Shea Winner Undergraduate
1993 Christopher S. Music Winner Undergraduate
1992 Juliet K. Vescio Winner Undergraduate
1991 Susan C. Moser Winner Undergraduate
1990 Athena Demetry Winner Undergraduate
1989 Kim E. Cloutier Winner Undergraduate
1989 Michelle D. Petkers Winner Undergraduate
1988 Brett A. Pauer Winner Undergraduate
1987 Chrysanthe Demetry Winner Undergraduate
1986 James B. Hannon Winner Undergraduate
1985 Diana M. Sauer Winner Undergraduate
1984 Virginia Ruth Noddin Winner Undergraduate
1983 Jack A. Nickerson, Jr. Winner Undergraduate
1982 Heather D. MacDonald Winner Undergraduate
1981 Carol L. D'Autrechy Winner Undergraduate
1980 Bonnie J. Cook Winner Undergraduate
1979 Elaine C. O'Neill Winner Undergraduate
1978 John R. Caola Winner Undergraduate
1977 Gregory E. Yeo Winner Undergraduate
1974 Patricia Graham Winner Undergraduate
1973 Leonard J. Brzozowski Winner Undergraduate