$2 Million NIH Grant

3 WPI professors named to $2 million NIH grant
November 25, 2014

Tulu BengisuTwo Foisie School of Business faculty, Dr. Bengisu Tulu (Primary Investigator) and Dr. Justin Wang (Co-Investigator), along with Emmanuel Agu (Computer Science) received a National Institutes of Health R01 grant in the amount of $2 million in collaboration with the UMass Medical School.

Justin WangThe joint project with UMass Medical School focuses on managing obesity and stress, two factors that increase risk for cardiovascular disease. The grant study supports research and development of the RELAX Application Suite, a mobile-, cloud- and web-based companion to a brief visit lifestyle intervention for obese individuals. RELAX-AS will be designed to reduce clinical visit time and cost by identifying and displaying behavior patterns that account for the greatest deviations in energy balance. This is a three-year study.

Emmanuel AguDr. Sherry Pagoto is the primary investigator for UMass. Co-Investigators at UMass include Dr. Edwin Boudreaux (Department of Emergency Medicine), James Carmody (Department of Medicine), and Yunsheng Ma (Department of Medicine). Co-Investigators at WPI include Dr. Emmanuel Agu (Department of Computer Science) and Dr. Justin Wang (School of Business).

The project begins Dec. 1.