WPI Foisie Business School students win Mendix Student App Contest


The Business School

WPI students Jingni Cai & Ye Hong have recently won the Mendix®​ Student App contest with an application they developed as part of their system design & development coursework at the WPI Foisie Business School. Jingni & Ye are both WPI graduate students studying towards their MS in Information Technology at WPI. The pair took a class taught by Professor Bengisu Tulu, who specializes in teaching information technology topics, and together, developed a research administration system on the Mendix® platform. Prof. Tulu remarks that, "this is the second semester WPI students have won the contest". Mendix® is a rapid enterprise application development platform that is a subsidiary of Siemens and organizes regular application design & development competitions.












Jingni Cai, Professor Bengisu Tulu, & Ye Hong (left to right) reviewing the WPI Research Administration System.




















The WPI Research Administration System built by Jingni Cai & Ye Hong on the Mendix®​ Platform.




















Jingni Cai (left) and Ye Hong (right) receiving the Mendix Award.