Solve Up: An initiative to align academics and non-profits around cause-based solutions

Friday, November 30, 2018
11:00 am to 12:00 pm


Abstract: There exists enormous potential of nonprofits and academics collaborating to solve important social problems. Nonprofits are engaged on the front-lines to address the needs of their stakeholders, often around the most pressing of social needs, such as migration, the environment, homelessness and inequality. Knowledge-driven approaches from academia, including data science and analytics, are introducing new ways to deliver impactful outcomes. However, there are some organizational challenges, including differences in organizational culture; “symptom” versus “cause” based solutions; and limits around academic programs and requirements, among others. Effective integration between academia and non-profits requires fresh thinking about the kinds of organizational capacity to handle such integration.

Mike Mitchell is going to present a short background of issues using migration and refugees as an example, explore why it’s so hard to address social problems with current organizations like nonprofits, and how academics may want to engage in the process.  Join for a talk and discussion on Friday November 30.

Bio: Mike is a social sector entrepreneur with a background in nonprofits, government, and politics.  His work for nonprofits has emphasized support of many causes, most especially refugees, affordable housing, and workforce development.  Currently, he leads US Programs at HIAS where he oversees the resettlement, legal rights, and social and economic integration of refugees, asylum seekers, and other displaced persons who come to the United States.  Mike serves as Chair of the Board at Maryland Nonprofits and serves on the board of Beautiful Day, a social enterprise in Rhode Island.  As a writer and speaker, he engages the public around how to carry out constructive change through the talent of donors and volunteers.


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