Our Expertise

The industry professionals in WPI’s Division of Marketing Communications ensure that our efforts support and advance WPI’s reputation as a leading global polytechnic. Our comprehensive expertise helps us communicate the university’s strategies, brand, and goals clearly and consistently to internal and external audiences.

Location: Boynton Hall
Office Location: 3rd Floor
Phone: 508-831-5305

Digital Marketing Communications
Using the latest technology and specific design and writing for digital platforms, WPI’s message remains strategic yet flexible. Our team is agile enough to adapt messages to the various platforms where users engage, share, and apply the information we provide in the way they prefer. 

Editorial Services
We provide various writing and editing services for internal, external, and leadership communications. In addition to writing the university’s press releases, media advisories, news articles, and op-eds, Marketing Communications also maintains WPI’s main web and social media presence, and online and print publications including the Herd, and the university's magazine, WPI Journal.

Internal Communications
Marketing Communications is responsible for ensuring that the WPI community knows what’s going on. Using myriad platforms—including WPI Today, announcements, calendar items, and feature-length Daily Herd articles—our team disperses news and information to keep everyone up-to-date.

Issues Management
Crises are like the weather: sometimes they hit us suddenly and without warning, but often we can see a storm brewing. Like forecasters, the team looks to identify internal issues and external trends and/or events that might impact WPI. These efforts help in our ongoing efforts to guide strategic communications from a proactive, not reactive, place.  

Marketing and Brand Management
A consistent voice and brand is essential so people recognize WPI’s distinctive approach and style. We support the standards of university promotion and style in all communications, external and internal, to provide accurate representation of the university.

Marketing Technology
The marketing technology team in Marketing Communications manages, optimizes, supports, and integrates technologies to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of our marketing-related efforts. This work helps achieve university and divisional goals around web campaigns, web content publishing including email marketing, analytics and metrics, CMS support, and web application development.​

Media Relations
We cultivate and nurture relationships with local, national, and international media outlets and reporters to help bring WPI’s innovations, knowledge, insights, and news to the right audience. We connect media with students, faculty, and staff for interviews, demos, and events.

Media Training
Given the complexities of our modern world, both the media and the public need the knowledge and insights of WPI’s world-class experts. Since there are so many opportunities and options for sharing both factual and contextual expertise, our Public Relations team provides training to help prepare our faculty and administrative leaders for successful interviews and to empower them with options and resources. See our Media Relations Guidelines for WPI Faculty. 

Photography & Videography
Our photographers and videographers capture the events and stories that reveal the depth of WPI’s culture, community, and collaborations. Using cutting-edge technology—whether it is using photo galleries to portray student life at WPI or video to tell faculty research stories—the images tell a story.

Print & Design Services
Our production staff includes graphic designers, art directors, and project managers who produce a fleet of deliverables including brochures, invitations, banners, logos and marks, emails, campaigns, and advertisements (digital, video, billboards).

Research, Strategy & Planning (analytics, etc.)
Measuring the results of our efforts reveals the ROI of a comprehensive marketing communications team. Using several platforms with varied target audiences, we continually collect, analyze, and report on data to show where our impact is greatest.

Social Media
WPI maintains an active social media presence on channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to add WPI’s voice to the global conversation. Our targeted messages gain traction and help expand WPI’s reach while maintaining consistent standards.

Strategic Communications
Our team assists with numerous communications initiatives and strategies for WPI’s leadership. From op-ed pieces to internal messaging to talking points for events like Commencement or for new campaigns, we help clarify the message and highlight the impact of the words.

Crisis Communications
When WPI faces a safety or reputational threat, it’s our job to provide reliable, helpful, and timely information to our community and the external world. Our efforts to communicate well during times of crisis are ongoing—we’re prepared to work quickly, collaboratively, and effectively with campus partners should worst-case scenarios become realities.