Requests for New Pages

Carefully consider if you have enough content to warrant the creation of a new page. If your content is brief (a paragraph or two), we recommend determining if there is another page on your site into which it could be incorporated; Marketing Communications can work with you to organize your content, if needed.

Similarly, review your existing content before requesting a new page. In many cases, updating existing content or adding a new content widget to a page will eliminate the need to add a new page.

To maintain the visual and navigational integrity of the website, requests for additional or new web pages within a departmental or office site require review and approval by Marketing Communications. Requests for new pages must be submitted via email to

When submitting the request, include the following:

  • Page title and exact location within the navigation of your site
    • NOTE: Navigation, or the sub-menu, is what appears on the right hand of your page and includes ONLY the pages that live within that section. We cannot include links in the navigation to pages (previously called “Quick Links” on the Reddot system) that live elsewhere within To call attention to and link to content on other sites, utilize a content widget.
    • Best practices for page titles:
      • Keep titles concise, descriptive, and relevant; do not use vague terms and avoid unnecessarily long text.
      • Avoid internal jargon and acronyms that will not make sense to external visitors.
  • Which CMS users in your department/program/office should have editing rights to this content?
  • Page content is required before the page can be created and published; it can be provided in a Word document or in the body of an email. We will no longer create blank, unpublished pages.
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