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WPI students, faculty, and staff can expect the City of Worcester’s winter parking ban to go into effect whenever inclement weather is forecasted. The official source of up-to- date information on the winter parking ban is 508-929- 1300. Other sources are the government access TV channel 12 and local radio stations.

WE URGE VEHICLE OWNERS/OPERATORS TO SEEK OUT THE CITY OF WORCESTER PARKING BAN AT http://www.worcesterma.gov/streets/winter-weather/winter-parking



WPI Snow Removal Policy

Service Roads
The service roads at WPI are plowed continuously during the course of a snowstorm. Any vehicle (registered or not) found parked on these service roads will be towed immediately at the owner’s expense.

Boynton Lot, Quadrangle, West Street Lot, Campus Center Lot, and Higgins House Lot
These parking lots are plowed continuously during a snowstorm. Parking is not allowed along curbs or outside of lined parking spaces, (unless previously authorized by the Director of Public Safety/Chief of Police or designee). Any vehicle (registered or not) found parked in those areas will be towed immediately at the owner’s expense.

Residential Parking Lots
The entrances to these parking lot areas are plowed regularly (complete snow removal effort is coordinated by Facilities). A notification will be sent out by the University if/when vehicles parked in Residential Lots need to be moved for snow removal. Information regarding where vehicles should be moved to will be provided in the notification. When snow removal operations are completed, vehicles must be returned to their authorized lots, within the timeframe provided in the notification.