Here are some resources that may be helpful to you as you prepare for your off-campus experience. Of course, please contact the IGSD for anything you can't find. We are pleased to assist you in any way we can.

Student Identities

The IGSD recognizes and supports a diverse student population on our Global Projects Programs. Please consult the following resources as you consider and prepare for your experience abroad.

  • LGBTQ+ Students

    Overview from Diversity Abroad: If you are an LGBTQ+ student, it is important to understand that being out while you are abroad can affect your experiences. Some countries and cultures are open and accepting of LGBTQ+ people, and same sex marriage is even legal in some countries. However, you may encounter stares or even hostility in other places where homosexuality is against the law. Read more

    Housing: WPI houses off-campus program participants in a variety of accommodations. Most students live in self-catered apartments, some are in residence halls, and others are in houses. Be sure that you research housing options will make you comfortable. You can find more details on eProjects and contact IGSD via phone (508-831-4804) or email ( to review questions or set up an appointment to discuss your options.    


    LGBTQ+ Support at WPI

    RAINBOW SIG (Special Interest Group of NAFSA: Association of International Educators)

    OutRight Action International

    International Lesbian and Gay Association

    National Center for Transgender Equality

  • Students with Disabilities

    Academic Accommodations: Students with disabilities who may need academic accommodations as part of the Global Projects Program (GPP) are strongly encouraged to speak with ID2050 instructors and/or project advisors at the start of the prep term to discuss supports they may need to be successful.  Due to the unique nature of project and group-based work, typical academic accommodations as listed on an accommodation letter may not always directly apply to your project experience. However, discussing your learning style, potential accommodation needs, and any questions and/or concerns with your professors and advisors at the start of the program can be an important step to ensuring a positive project experience. 

    To begin the disclosure process and facilitate a conversation with your faculty, you can submit your accommodation letters approved through the Office of Disability Services (ODS) student portal. If you need assistance, please contact the ODS.  

    If you have not previously disclosed a disability to the ODS, but think you may need academic accommodations, we encourage you to begin the intake process as detailed on the ODS website. If you need any assistance through the process, the ODS is available to assist via phone (508-831-4908), (, or in person at 124 Daniels Hall.  

    Accommodated Housing and/or Onsite Arrangements: Students with a documented need who may require onsite arrangements, including, but not limited to housing or transportation accommodations are strongly encouraged to contact IGSD immediately following placement to discuss supports available onsite. If disclosure happens closer to departure, we will make our best effort to accommodate, however, accommodations may not be guaranteed.

    You can contact IGSD via phone (508-831-4804) or email ( to set up an appointment.  

    Please note that there is a difference between documented housing accommodations and housing preferences. If you have not previously disclosed a disability to the ODS, but think you may need accommodations, we encourage you to begin the intake process as detailed on the ODS website. If you need any assistance through the process, the ODS is available to assist via phone (508-831-4908), (, or in person at 124 Daniels Hall.


    WPI's Office of Disability Services

    Diversity Abroad

    Mobility International

  • Varsity Student-Athletes

    Student athletes should consider the following:

    Consult with Your Coach: It is essential that student-athletes consult with their coach about feasible terms to travel prior to the application process. Be sure to talk about prep-term commitments, like evening classes, along with addressing the term that you will be away.

    Arrival Date: Before committing to an off-campus program, student-athletes should confirm the arrival date of their program and make sure the date does not conflict with athletics, particularly during postseason. If a student commits to a program that departs prior to, or during, postseason they will likely forfeit their participation in postseason play. Students should address any conflict with arrival dates and postseason schedules as soon as possible by contacting their faculty advisors and their coach to discuss a plan for arrival. Late arrivals are only allowed at the faculty advisors’ discretion.

  • Racial & Ethnic Minority Students

    Overview from Diversity Abroad: In the U.S. you might be classified by your ethnicity, but abroad, you may be identified first as an American. The people you meet will likely have an opinion about the U.S., and may be eager to tell you what they think, positive or negative. Read More


    Multicultural Affairs

    OASIS Cultural Center



  • Women

    When deciding where to go away, it is important to consider how gender norms vary depending on the location and culture of the host country.  As you browse program options, please consider the items and resources below.

    Diversity Abroad

    The State Department’s Information for Women Travelers

Pre-Departure Preparation

All students in the Global Projects Program are required to complete the following mandatory pre-departure preparations:

  • Welcome Orientation (Canvas)

    The Welcome Orientation introduces students to the pre-departure process two terms prior to departure. A brief video reminds students of how IGSD will communicate with their cohort, how to register for their project, and important next steps in completing required forms for IGSD. A list of forms and requirements by Project Center is given to students in a Welcome Kit, which outlines important dates and deadlines. These deadlines are communicated via the students online portal and reminders are sent via email.

  • Know Before You Go: Travel Prep Orientation (Canvas)

    The Know Before You Go: Travel Prep Orientation addresses important next steps for travel off-campus at the start of the prep term. A video walks students through considerations for travel including personal health and safety, money and budgeting, and situational awareness. Themes addressed in this video will be returned to in the Site Specific orientation.

  • Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention for Students Traveling Off Campus (Canvas)

    The Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention for Students Traveling Off Campus is a series of modules, including a short video, that students will review on Canvas. The content in these modules is meant to build upon topics from previous online education and in-person workshops that all incoming students have participated in. Information is shared about bystander intervention, confidential resources on- and off-campus, and Title IX regulations in relation to sexual misconduct. This module is designed and maintained by the SDCC. 

  • ISOS Training Hub (Online Modules)

    All students traveling on international programs have access to training and onsite services provided by International SOS, a travel assistance provider.  To understand more about the services provided by ISOS and receive an introduction on travel health, safety and security information, students must complete all modules in the ISOS Training Hub and submit a certificate of completion on the Canvas course.

  • Site Specific Orientation (In-Person)

    At the Site Specific Orientation, the cohort will gather in-person with the Project Center Director, IGSD staff member and on-site advisor(s) for a more in-depth review of safety issues and behavioral obligations specific to the project site. Discussion is led through a series of case studies.

Booking Your Flight

Through a growing partnership, students now have the option to book suggested flight itineraries and optional airport pick-up's through STA Travel, a student travel organization. Details will be provided for international locations two terms prior to departure. STA Travel offers price matching and an airfare deposit program (book now pay later). Click the link below to get started.