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Welcome to I&E’s Video Tutorial Library. We have compiled virtual event recordings from past years for you to learn from and view at your leisure. The workshops are taught by WPI professors and mentors.

I&E’s mission is to support the growth of the innovative and entrepreneurial mindset. We hope that these skill-based tutorial videos will guide you on your path to success.

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Supplemental Modules

The modules in this section will help to support and guide all stages of your project or business idea.

Module Title Description Link
Design Thinking This module will guide you through a human centered and solutions based design method.
Things Investors Look for in Early Stage Startups


This module offers insight into what criteria VCs are looking for when investing in an early stage startup.


How to Build a Value Proposition


This module offers an overview on building a value proposition from the perspective of a successful entrepreneur & VC investor.
Needs Identification: How to Get Started


This module will guide you through the process of discovering a customer's requirements, constraints, pain points and motivations i.e. how your products will be of value to the customer/market.
Stakeholder Analysis: Identifying the Who


This module will guide you through the process of determining whose interests to take into account when developing/implementing a project or business idea.
Understanding Your Value, Benefits and Costs This module provides a brief insight into comparing the projected or estimated costs and benefits (or opportunities) associated with a project decision to determine whether it makes sense from a business perspective.
Pitching & Storytelling


This module will teach you how to create a pitch that will engage your audience and make them excited about your idea.


Teamwork Modules

The modules in this section will offer practical insights on creating an apex team experience.

Module Title Link
Teamwork: Winning – The Right Way & The Wrong Way
Teamwork: Your OODA Loops Have Flaws
Teamwork: The WHO is More Important Than Your WHAT
Teamwork: Problems We Have Giving & Getting Feedback


Value Creation Modules

Value creation is the process of creating solutions for unmet societal needs that provide more value to customers than any alternative and that satisfy all stakeholders. In these modules, you will learn how to identify problems that matter, give and receive feedback, convincingly present the value of your initiative, and develop action plans for moving forward.

Module Title Link
Value Creation: How Do You Create Value?
Value Creation: What is a Value Proposition?
Value Creation: NABC Value Propositions
Value Creation: Importance of Identifying End User and Market & Societal Needs
Value Creation: “3-C Positioning”- Customer, Capabilities & Competition
Value Creation: Maximizing Your Value
Value Creation: Putting it All Together
Value Creation: Example of Value Creation
Value Creation: Understanding the Overall Value Creation Ecosystem


Value Creation Feedback Forum
Value Creation: Summary – 3 Keys to the How of Value Creation