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The Photoshop Interface

Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended. Available to all students in the Multimedia Lab at Gordon Library

Photoshop Interface Photoshop is a large, complex program, but the interface is organized into just a few different types of areas that tie it all together.

The layers of content that we create, as well as channels and paths, go into "panels," which can be opened, closed, "collapsed," and repositioned to suit the needs of the user's work space.

Many options for adjusting content settings can also be found in panels, including image adjustments (Brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, etc), font and paragraph setting, and style presets.

The tools panel on the left contains all of the tools that are used to add or modify content. The small black arrow that appears on the corner of many tool icons indicates that there are additional similar tools that can be accessed by right-clicking the icon.

See the image to the right--the rectangle tool can be right-clicked to reveal many different shape tools.



All of the Photoshop Panels can be accessed from the "Window" menu. There are many panels available, and you will probably need only a few open at a time. You can save the postions of your panels as a "Workspace" from the Window menu as well.

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