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Entering Grades and Providing Feedback for Assignments

Accessing the Grade Center in myWPI

  1. Go to Control Panel > Assessment > Grade Center.

Entering Grades


The Grade Center feature in myWPI is provided as a convenience, and does not replace the official course grading process. Official grades must still be submitted to the registrar, and students can check their final course grades online from the Student Web Information System, which is separate from myWPI.

  1. Click on the appropriate cell in the Grade Center.
  2. Type the grade.
  3. Press Enter to post the grade and make it visible to your students.

Entering Grades and Feedback for an Individual Student

  1. To view submitted assignment files and provide feedback for an individual student, select the Action Link next to the exclamation point "!" in his or her row.
  1. Select Grade Details from the dropdown menu.
  2. The Grade Details page will appear in three sections: Current Grade, Attempts, and Grade History.

Current Grade

The Current Grade section provides details on the grade as it is currently entered.

To change the grade or provide comments to your student:

  1. Click the Override button.
  1. The Grade Override screen will appear.
  1. Enter a new grade in the Value box
  2. In the Feedback to User field, type in comments for the student whose grade you are reviewing. The students sees your feedback from the Grade Center.
  3. If you want to submit private notes to yourself, fill the Grading Notes field. If you do not want to include any notes to yourself, leave this section blank.
  4. Click the Save button to save your changes. This will publish the Feedback to User and Grade Value changes to the student in myGrades.


Details of student attempts can be reviewed here. If an assignment allows multiple attempts each attempt will be listed.


If a student makes a mistake, and submits the wrong file, or hits the Submit button before he or she was really ready to send in their assignment you can use the Clear Attempt button reset their assignment.

Grade History

The Grade History section provides a log of all changes that have occurred to the selected grade. All changes made to a grade are displayed along with information on what the modification was and who made it.

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