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Availability of myWPI Course Sites

Course activation requests for courses taught during the current academic year are created within two business days from when the request form is received by the myWPI help team.

Course sites are populated with enrolled students as soon as they are created, but the sites are unavailable by default. Therefore, course instructors and other site maintainers (like a TA or Course Builder) are able to work on the site before the students can access it. For example, if an instructor is using a course that is copied from a previous term, he or she can update the syllabus and other content before students access the site. When the site is ready, it can be made available to students by the instructor. This option allows more control to faculty over their course content.

After the course ends, it remains available for 21 calendar days following the course end date in Banner. After this time, courses are archived in the system for two years and the content can be recycled for subsequent terms or semesters, if desired.

If you are a faculty member and need to keep your course site available for longer than the default timeframe, or if you need to access an archived course, fill out the Archived Course Reactivation Form.

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