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The WPI SharePoint portal is a service offered to members of the WPI Community to provide a collaboration environment that is tailored specifically to online document collaboration.

SharePoint provides access to group tasks, group calendars, document and picture libraries as well as the ability to create blogs and wikis.

WPI's SharePoint portal runs Microsoft SharePoint 2010. Sites are available for student teams and organizations, as well as WPI administrative groups.

SharePoint provides access to group tasks, calendars, document and picture libraries. Other collaborative tools include wikis and discussion boards. SharePoint can be customized to meet your needs. Please contact with questions.

What does SharePoint 2010 offer?

To Learn More about using SharePoint, click the Links below for directions:

Document Libraries

Task Management

Picture/Image Libraries


Managing Views

Organizations: Managing Site Membership

Slide Libraries


To request a SharePoint Site, please fill out this form.

Alternatively, you can email with the following information:

  1. Name of Your Project or Organization
  2. Short Name (suitable for URL): 6-8 characters
  3. Description of Project/Group
  4. Usernames of all group members, separated by semicolons
  5. Anticipated End Date for site
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