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2012 Course Redesign Technology Grant Recipients

Michelle Ephraim


Course:HU3900 and EN1222
Project Title: Digital Shakespeares: Constructing Dynamic Learning Modules
Description: Develop a seminar in which students construct their own learning modules (interactive web sites, video games, visuals, etc.) to promote the dynamic study of Shakespeare in the college classroom.

Jacob Gagnon


Course: MA2611
Project Title: A Multimedia Intensive Course Redesign for MA2611
Description: A pilot study to implement and evaluate a multimedia-intensive version of MA2611 involving animations, applets, interactive multimedia, and simulations.

Brad Miller and Ken Stafford


Courses: RBE1001
Project Title: Development of an Interactive Textbook for Robotics Engineering
Description: Develop a highly interactive ebook that can be used as the text for RBE1001, the first course in Robotics Engineering for students at WPI.

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