Undecided About Your Major

The Career Development Center can provide assistance major selection and career opportunities.  It is encouraged that you make an appointment with a CDC Staff Member to discuss your personal interests and skills and how that relates to the WPI Majors.  Being unsure of what to major in is a concern that many students face, and more than 50% of students will change their major at least once while in college.  The Career Development Center can help you learn about WPI Majors, Occupations, and help you identify a path for your future.  In addition to making an appointment with a staff member, there are other resources that the CDC provides for assistance in selecting a major.

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Register today for C Term's Discovering Majors and Careers course that will help students undecided about their major, or trying to decide between 2-3 majors, learn more information and resources to help select a major.  This course is worth 1/12 unit.  To register:

C Term: CRN 20676 for FY1800-C01

·         Tuesdays & Fridays, 2-2:50pm in SL402

Steps to Choosing a Major

Step One: Identify your interests, skills and values.

Making thoughtful and well-planned decisions in the selection of a major and career requires understanding of self (interests, skills and values) and knowledge of the majors that best match your interests.

Step Two: Explore potential carers that would relate to your major.

Research career fields by:

Step Three: Explore majors at WPI.

Step Four: Develop a Career Plan.

Once you have identified a possible career choice, develop a plan that enhances your employment opportunities

Discovering Majors and Careers

This course is open to all students who are undecided about or are thinking about changing their academic major. It is offered in B and C terms.  Students will conduct a self assessment utilizing career assessment tools, research majors of interest and career paths, attend academic department presentations/major panels, participate in informational interviews, job shadowing and/or company tours.  Students will meet individually with Peer Advisors and/or a CDC staff member at least three times throughout the course. 

B Term course meets Mondays and Thursdays, 2-2:50pm in SL402; C Term course meets Tuesdays and Fridays, 2-2:50pm in SL402. 

Course Objectives:

1. Students will identify and compose a list of their interests, abilities, values, and strengths. Students will express/give examples of how these characteristics are currently present in his/her life, along with how he/she foresees these characteristics to be applied in selecting a major.

2. Students will identify and explain WPI majors and careers, requirements, rewards, and "fit" with the student’s own interests, strengths, and goals.

3. Students will distinguish the difference between a major and a career.

4. Students will identify and apply information and resources to gain additional insight on WPI majors and careers.

5.  Students will learn about Career Development Center resources.

6. Students will learn about the next steps in the career planning process in regard to experiences and activities that will confirm the major selected (and add to credentials for future career).

To Register:

B Term: FY 1800 – B01 = CRN 11128

C Term: FY 1800 – C01 = CRN 21150

What Past Class Participants Have to Say...

Major Panels

Listen to upper class students talk about their majors, projects, and experiences.

Major Binders

In the Career Development Center, there are major binders that highlight occupations, related occupations, salary information, professional associations, and other industry/career related information for each of the majors at WPI.  Stop into the CDC today to review these major resources.

Self Assessment Tools

Self assessments are a great way to learn more about yourself. Assessments help highlight strengths, weaknesses, interests, and careers that align with your personality characteristics. Some assessments focus more on your personality, others on the type of work environment that you would thrive in. Self assessments are not a magic eight-ball and cannot give you an answer as to what professional path will be most rewarding. They do give you occupations to research that match your interests.

If you are interested in taking a self assessment, make an appointment with a career counselor to discuss the various options. You will then fill out the paper test (which takes between 45 minutes to 1 hour). The results are sent away to be scored. Upon receiving your results, you will arrange a follow -up meeting with a career counselor to discuss the results and formulate a strategy to research career prospects that match your interests.

Self Assessments include:



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