Howmet Professorship of Mechanical Engineering

This professorship was established in 1987 to recognize contributions made to Howmet Corporation by Diran Apelian, who served as chair of the scientific council for Howmet’s board of directors between 1983 and 1992. Howmet is a world leader in the investment casting of superalloys, aluminum, and titanium, primarily for jet aircraft and industrial gas turbine engine components. From its corporate headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio, the company operates 27 facilities in the United States, Canada, France, the United Kingdom, and Japan. Howmet traces its history to 1926 and the founding of Austenal, a manufacturer of orthodontic devices that later expanded its product line to include aircraft engine superchargers. It was acquired by a metals and mining business in 1958 and was renamed Howmet in 1965, marking the transition from mining to the manufacture of precision metal products. In 1975, it was purchased by Pechiney, a multinational aluminum company. Alcoa acquired Howmet in 2000, renaming it Alcoa Howmet seven years later when it became a division of the new Alcoa Power and Propulsion unit.

Current Recipient: Diran Apelian

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