Value creation is a process that takes practice and repetition to perfect. As students learn how to adapt these methodologies into their academics, professional work, and personal lives, they change the way they think about approaching and solving problems.


You'll learn how to break down your process to find a problem, identify a solution, determine how you can execute that solution, and establish how a customer would use it to best help them. But then you'll learn the value hook--talking with customers so you'll tailor your outcome and make it better than anything else available. 

This discipline teaches students and professionals how to leverage innovation and creativity and match it with a solution that benefits society. The process teaches students these skills and more:

  • Create solutions that people care about
  • Identify important opportunities; not ones that are just interesting
  • Give compelling presentations
  • Form productive teams
  • Give and receive feedback
  • Implement the value-creators mantra: iterate, iterate, iterate
  • Form R&D proposals, business presentations, and venture pitches

One Student Researcher's Value Creation Journey

Jordan J. says value creation principles have changed the way he looks at his biomedical research. He now sees how his work can make a specific, and needed, impact in the world.

Using Value Creation to Elevate Research

Alex believes value creation principles are the perfect balance for WPI's project work. The teamwork in the value creation process and in projects improves the results of each. Alex says the new perspective offers a lifelong benefit.