Management Information Systems

Providing Business Solutions through Technology

Nowhere do business and technology more clearly intersect than within WPI's management information systems (MIS) program. MIS professionals use computer technology to solve problems and meet the ever-changing needs of business, such as

  • forecasting sales and analyzing trends;
  • optimizing production;
  • selecting and installing hardware and software; and
  • presenting information in a way that managers can make the most effective use of it.

Students take courses in both management and computer science to create a learning experience that will help them achieve their career goals. Graduates will possess a solid technical background in information technology (IT) plus the strong problem-solving and communications skills that management demands.

The MIS major gives students a thorough understanding of business applications with a wide range of advanced information technologies and prepares them for continued career growth.

Classroom meets real world through the major qualifying project (MQP)

A vital part of the learning experience in the management program, an MQP is typically designed for a real, functioning business. The students strive to produce a solution to an actual management need by applying the skills, methods, and knowledge obtained through course work. An MQP may address a variety of areas:

  • Business-to-business/consumer e-commerce applications
  • Design, development, and networking of database systems
  • Decision support systems
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Undergraduate Admissions

Prospective undergraduate students can arrange to visit campus, set up personal interviews, learn the detailed requirements for gaining admission, and apply to the School of Business through the WPI Undergraduate Admissions site.