Research Focus Areas

Our research touches on topics such as sustainability, natural resource preservation, design, construction, architecture, and energy. Learn about the areas we focus on, and meet the faculty involved with each concentration.

Pavement Engineering and Highway Materials

Professors El-Korchi, Kim, Mallick, and Tao.

  • Energy harvesting
  • Fundamental behavior of soils
  • Nano characterization and micro/nano mechanics for geomaterials and asphalt binders
  • Recycling reclaimed asphalt pavement materials
  • Reducing environmental impacts
  • Smart and novel materials and structures
  • Synthesizing geopolymers from industrial wastes

Analysis/Design of Structural Systems and Smart Structures

Professors Albano, El-Korchi, and Kim.

  • High-impact force attenuation
  • Integration of structural design and construction
  • Multi-hazard mitigation of structural systems
  • Performance-based structural design
  • Structural design for fire conditions
  • Structural health monitoring of buildings and bridges
  • Structural vibration mitigation
  • System identification

Construction and Design-Construction Integration

Professors Albano, Hart, and Salazar.

  • Design-construction and facility management information integration
  • Design and construction integrated process optimization
  • Life cycle assessment of sustainable buildings

Physical and Chemical Treatment Processes

Professors Bergendahl, Mathisen, and Plummer.

  • Alternative disinfection strategies
  • Pharmaceutical and personal care products
  • Physical and chemical unit processes
  • Removal and oxidation of organic contaminants from waters and wastewaters

Energy and Sustainability

Professors Bergendahl, Hart, Mathisen, and Plummer.

  • Climate change adaptation
  • Energy use in pavements
  • Hydropower and fish passage
  • Sustainable water and sanitation for developing countries
  • Wind power and turbine development

Water Resources

Professors LePage, Mathisen, and Plummer.

  • Management of combined sewer overflows
  • Reactive transport in groundwater
  • Stormwater control
  • Surface water quality monitoring and watershed protection

Construction and Sustainable Building Design

Professors Berardi and Pietroforte

  • Thermal loads in buildings
  • Lighting systems in buildings
  • Architectural Acoustics
  • Building safety performance