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Kenneth M. Elovitz

My courses are application courses presented by a practitioner to train future practitioners.  My teaching style challenges students not only to understand the HVAC design concepts presented but to understand how HVAC design relates to and applies fundamentals learned in other courses.  When calculating heating and cooling loads, students use their knowledge of building materials and how buildings are put together to understand heat transfer through the building skin.  When sizing fans and pumps, students see how principles such as Bernoulli's equation and the conversion of velocity to pressure that they learned in fluid mechanics apply to real world situations.  When studying psychrometrics and the properties of air, students figure out how heating and air conditioning systems control indoor climate and how operating conditions affect equipment performance.  My goal is to show students how to think like engineers and prepare them for the construction industry work place, whether as consulting engineers designing systems, contractors installing systems, or facilities managers owning and operating building systems.

Research Interests

  • Developing spreadsheet applications for common design and analysis techniques and tasks
  • Professional Practice and Risk Management


  • BS, Metallurgy and Materials Science, Lehigh University
  • JD, Suffolk University Law School

Featured Publications

  • Elovitz, Kenneth M., "Understanding What Humidity Does and Why", Practical Guide to HVAC for Museums and Historic Renovations, ASHRAE Journal, Vol 41. No. 4; American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers, Atlanta, GA, April 1999.
  • Elovitz, Kenneth M., "Legal Liabilities of Engineers, Building Officials", Heating/Piping/Air Conditioning, Vol. 73 No. 5, Penton Publishing Company, Cleveland, OH, May 2001.
  • Elovitz, Kenneth M., "Rooftop Unit Noise -- Predicting Problems", Heating/Piping/Air Conditioning, Vol. 75 No. 8, Penton Publishing Company, Cleveland, OH, August 2003.
  • Elovitz, Kenneth M., "Design Professionals' Liability to Third Parties", presented at the 46th Annual Meeting of Invited Attorneys conducted by CNA Insurance and Victor O. Schinnerer & Co., Chicago, May 2007.  
  • Elovitz, Kenneth M., "Controlling Outside Airflow in VAV Systems", Heating/Piping/Air Conditioning, Vol. 81, No. 10, Penton Publishing Company, Cleveland, OH, October 2009.  
  • Elovitz, Kenneth M., "Simplifying the Selection of Rooftop Units", Heating/Piping/Air Conditioning, Vol. 82, No. 2, Penton Publishing Company, Cleveland, OH, February 2010.
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