Please use the form below to register for the Speaking and Writing Qualifiers for the PhD program in RBE. This serves as a notice of intention to complete these components of the Qualifier before the end of the current semester. This information will be used to prepare the committee and schedule your Qualifiers.

The Speaking and Writing Qualifiers will include a committee of at least two faculty members. The RBE Graduate Program Committee (GPC) will select two or more faculty members, at least one of which is affiliated with the WPI RBE program. This committee will typically be the same for both the Speaking and Writing Qualifiers, and it is recommended that the Writing Qualifier be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the date of the Speaking Qualifier.

Please be sure to review the official requirements here:

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Please select up to two RBE faculty members to review your qualifier exams. Please note at least one core faculty member must be picked.

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You may put additional comments here. Please note if you have already completed or arranged part of your qualifier requirements.

Also, it is NOT required that you synchronize the Writing & Speaking qualifiers, so please note if you are not looking to schedule them both for the current semester.