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Keith Zizza

I began my audio career "old school": editing with analog tape, a chopping block, and razor blades. I've since spent the past 20 years in digital audio, most of that time exclusively in the video game industry. Audio is one-third of the gaming experience; I'm most interested in optimizing the technical and aesthetic qualities of a game's soundscape (the interactive melting pot of music, sound effects, and dialogue), the end result being helping to suspend the player's disbelief and make game play even more immersive and engaging.

After working as an audio director on more than 30 commercially released video games (including work for Sierra, Tilted Mill, EA, Demiurge, Warner Brothers, Sega, Discovery, and most recently, The Oregon Trail), I'm proud to now be a part of the IMGD team, where I can teach a new generation of developers and innovators the necessary skills in game audio technology, design, and production.

In my spare time, I can't seem to get away from audio; I've been a keyboard player in various classic rock and blues bands since the ’80s, enjoy restoring vintage tube radios, and am currently digitizing my collection of 78 RPM records.

Research Interests

  • Game Audio Design
  • Game Audio Integration
  • Game Audio Production
  • Soundscape Optimization
  • Real-Time DSP and Audio Propagation


  • ASCS, Northern Essex, 1993

Featured Publications

  • “IMGD Professor Adds Music to Historic Game” (WPI Connection, 4/12)
  • “Audio Design for Children of the Nile” (Develop Magazine, 4/05)
  • “Your Audio Design Document: Important Items to Consider in Audio Design, Production, and Support” (, 7/00)
  • “Writing Music Under Extreme Deadlines” (coauthor,, 6/99)

Professional Highlights

  • Award-winning composer and sound designer in the game development and broadcast industries.
  • Provided audio for more than 30 major video game titles since 1995. Credits include The Oregon Trail, Bioshock Infinite, SimCity Societies, Deadliest Catch, Children of the Nile, and the multi-award-wining City Building Series from Sierra (1995-2002).
  • Gold member of the Game Audio Network Guild and member of the Interactive Audio Special Interest Group (IASIG).
  • Active TV series composer (ASCAP), with placements on NBC, MTV, VH1, and other networks.
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