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Gaining a Global Perspective

Today’s unprecedented era of globalization presents opportunities for collaboration with researchers around the world, and challenges unique to working with foreign agencies. IGERT fellows at WPI have the advantage of gaining hands-on, real-world experience while forging a global perspective through the innovative International Experience module.

Through this module, fellows in WPI’s IGERT program will have the opportunity to participate in cutting-edge discovery research directly related to their dissertation during a three-month intensive International Experience in a leading laboratory in China, Europe, or the United Kingdom.

The International Experience will help our PhD fellows develop personal ties with an international research group and acquire an understanding of, and sensitivity to, cultural norms in their host country.

The goals of the International Experience module are:

  • To provide PhD students with in-depth research experience alongside international experts in their field of investigation.

  • To help PHD students observe and acquire experiential knowledge of culture-specific drivers of technology, innovation, and policies that govern technological development in other countries.