Presidential Fellows

WPI is pleased to announce the call for the 2017 Presidential Fellows.

The objective of the program is to offer doctoral fellowships to underrepresented women and minority students working in science, technology, engineering, math, or business disciplines. Presidential Fellows will receive a $31,200 stipend for 12 months, in addition to full tuition. Through their doctoral work, fellows will elevate the research profile of the university and find new ways to solve some of the biggest challenges of our time.

The Award:

  • Supports graduate students as they pursue their PhD program
  • Provides exclusive training opportunities and professional development workshops
  • Includes access to additional travel funding

WPI’s fundamental and applied research is addressing vital societal problems and technological challenges and producing innovations and insights that are helping build a better world.

Sample research areas tied to the university’s research themes and strategic plan


Cutting-edge work in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.


Explorations of the technological and policy issues surrounding cybersecurity.


Studies on the fire safety challenges of green buildings.


Employing the use of robotics in autism therapy for young children.


Turning plant waste into fuel with solid acids.


Pioneering educational technologies that have the power to revolutionize the nation’s education system.


  • a U.S. citizen
  • a student of exceptional merit (must meet and exceed standard WPI PhD admission requirements)
  • a person from an underrepresented group working in a science, technology, engineering, math, or business discipline

Admissions Information & Deadline:

To be considered for a Presidential Fellowship, you must apply to a WPI PhD program by January 5, 2017 and complete your application by January 15, 2017. After you have submitted your application, please send an email with "Presidential Fellowship" as the subject line to and we will forward your application to the review committee. 

Find your passion. Change the world.

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