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Making a Real Difference Means Experiencing the Real World

Those who step up to take on the world’s greatest challenges must be armed with practical experience and know-how. That’s why WPI pioneered a project-based approach whereby students apply theory to practice in every aspect of their education. Two central examples of this are the Interactive Qualifying Project (IQP) and Global Projects Program (GPP), both administered by WPI’s Interdisciplinary and Global Studies Division (IGSD). The IGSD is an academic unit focused on sustainability studies and interdisciplinary educational research that exemplify WPI’s commitment to theory and practice.

The IQP gives every WPI student the experience of working in teams to resolve a problem or need that lies at the meeting point of science and society. Through the GPP, WPI students may complete an IQP, Major Qualifying Project (MQP), or Humanities & Arts Project at a WPI Project Center around the globe. IGSD combines these unique educational programs with a research emphasis on local and regional sustainable development, and a focus on the strategies and needs of state and local governmental and non-governmental agencies.

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Create Your Own Major

The IGSD also administers the Individually Designed Major, which allows students to construct and tailor their own program geared to their personal interests and career aspirations.