PC Gamer Features WPI in Top Game Development Schools

PC Gamer magazine reports on Princeton Review's ranking of game development schools and lists WPI first in the feature.

PC Gamer magazine (issue 245) ran a Great Gaming Schools feature and included WPI in the listing. WPI appears first in the feature (although the schools were in no particular order). Six other schools were mentioned including Becker College which is also in Worcester, MA.

The article also contains quotes from five indie game developers including WPI graduates Ichiro Lambe and Alex Schwartz.

PC Gamer included a sidebar with career advice from Alex Schwartz. The sidebar provides advice for recent grads and game industry hopefuls on how to break into the industry. Here are his tips:

Tips For Game Dev Hopefuls

1. Build Something Small: Show that you can create a product from start to finish. Don't start with your dream game. Just build something. Make it small, low scope, and be sure that is actually works.

2. Perfect Your Portfolio: Nothing is more important than your portfolio. Make sure your best work is front and center, and chop out old work mercilessly. Your portfolio is only as good as the worst item on it.

3. Specialize Your Pitch: Pitching yourself as jack of all trade sounds like a great idea, but it doesn't help you appeal to the HR manager looking for a kick-ass character designer. More is not better; you're watering yourself down.

4. Network Without Begging: Get out there and show your work to everyone, but don't go to a networking event to ask for a job. Talk to others and engage in them in a conversation. Impress them and follow up later.

5. Ask: Asking developers for introductions or advice is easy and almost always works.

6. Trim Your Resume: Think about what skills are needed for the position and display that you have what it takes. If you can't fill a page with relevant content, go create something amazing first.

7. QA Isn't The Way In: Showing amazing work in a portfolio is the best way to get into a video game studio. Create side projects and work on modding or indie projects to gain experience and portfolio material as needed.


September 20, 2013

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