About the Program

Personalized Approach and Flexible Curriculum

Our unique program offers a liberal arts degree integrated with an engineering foundation. Focusing on personal and individualized attention, the Liberal Arts & Engineering (LAE) program encourages students to pursue innovation. The program accommodates a wide range of interests while helping students develop a coherent program of study. Dedicated faculty members and advisors will help you develop the program that’s right for you.

Freedom to Customize Your Education

The flexibility of the program allows you to follow your passions, select many of your own courses, and choose from a wide range of classes to complement your unique interests. The LAE program distributes the 15 required courses in the major more broadly than in engineering, with 9 courses in engineering and the remaining 6 in management and the liberal arts.

Program Designed for Problem-Solvers

The LAE degree was designed for students who need a practical, broad experience in engineering as well as other disciplines to take on the challenges of an interdisciplinary world. Central to the program is the intent to produce strong communicators, effective team members, and creative problem solvers.

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Career Outlook

The possibilities are many; a degree in LAE can lead to a rewarding career in any number of fields:

  • Law
  • Medicine and healthcare
  • Public policy
  • Finance
  • International relations

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