Borrow Equipment

The library houses a variety of equipment.

Printing, Scanning, & Photocopying

Copiers and printers require a WPI ID or a copy card for payment.

  • Photocopier on main floor (WPI card payment only)
  • Public printer (card payment only) at the Quick Print Station, third and ground floors More...
  • Document/PDF scanners at the Quick Print Station and first floor
  • Color printer (card payment only) in the Multimedia Lab

Charges for Printing & Copying

Printing and copying are available at a charge of 10¢ per page (25¢ for color printing). Faculty, students, and staff can use their WPI ID cards to pay for prints and copies with WPI Goat Bucks. Add Goat Bucks to your ID card at the Card Value Machine, located on the main floor. Other users may visit the Technology Helpdesk and pay in cash. Use any library computer to send print jobs to the print station on any floor.

Audio/Visual and Other Equipment

Unless otherwise noted, WPI students, faculty or staff may borrow these items from the Information Desk for in-library use. Users are expected to abide by the WPI Acceptable Use and Code of Conduct Policies.


ADA-accessible workstation: Assistive technology available includes Kurzweil 3000, Natural Reader, and JAWS for Windows. Located on the main entrance level. See Landmark College's Tips on Using Kurzweil 3000.
Check Out Period: N/A*

DVD players and VCRs: Available in the rear of the Multimedia Lab on the first floor.
Check Out Period:  N/A*

Hard drives: Portable 200GB hard drives with USB and Firewire cables.
Check Out Period: 4 weeks

Headsets: For use with the DVD players and VCRs on the first floor.
Check Out Period: 3 hours

Headsets with microphones: Pair of computer headphones with microphone attached for use with any PC or laptop in the library.
Check Out Period: 3 hours

Internet cables: GigaBase 350MHz ethernet cables. Use to connect your laptop to a live port in the library.
Check Out Period: 3 hours

Laptop computers with integrated web cameras: Laptops available with standard WPI software installed. Web cameras may be used to record yourself or your project teams when you practice presentations. For tips see Recording Live Presentations using WPI Laptops. You may also connect your own laptop to the campus network.
Check Out Period: 3 hours

Microfiche/film reader/digitizer: Print (card payment only) or email digitized copies of articles from the microfiche/film collection. Located on the ground floor. If you need help on how to print or scan, view instructions or ask for help at the Information Desk.
Check Out Period: N/A*

Video Cameras: Flip Video Original USB digital cameras. Software installed on camera or download from Photos can be captured from the videos.
Check Out Period: 7 days

Web cameras: The Logitech Webcam C210 has a built in microphone.
Check Out Period: 3 hours

* This is a stationary piece of equipment for in-house use on a first-come, first-served basis.