This certificate program is designed to meet the needs of a variety of corporations and individuals who are interested in honing advanced technical and business skill sets necessary to fill leadership roles within the life science industry.  Inherent in the program of study is sufficient course selection flexibility for students to, if desired and admitted, be able to continue their graduate studies and earn an MS degree online in Biotechnology or Bioscience Administration, depending on student interest and background. 

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Learning Outcomes

  1.  Expand technical knowledge in specific areas of strategic focus for the biopharma industry such as immunology, gene therapy, virology, pharmacology, and more.
  2.  Build deeper understanding of one or more areas of the product development process, such as drug and device regulations and regulatory compliance, risk management and/or value creation and innovation.
  3.  Develop skill sets necessary to lead and/or collaborate with successful teams in the diverse, highly regulated and fast-paced life science industry – may include project management, leadership and/or interpersonal skills.

Program Requirements

The program of study requires 12 credits of coursework chosen from amongst our life science and management course offerings: 

  • 6-9 credits must be chosen from courses thematically-related to the life sciences and may include those with a prefix of BB, BCB, CH, or other approved department by the CBC faculty administrator (for ex. BME, CHE)
  • 3-6 credits of management coursework, typically chosen from amongst the following list of courses:
    • ETR 593.  Technology Commercialization
    • MIS 576. Project Management
    • OBC 505.  Teaming and Organizing for Innovation
    • OIE 542.  Risk Management and Decision Making
    • BUS 546. Managing Technological Innovation
    • OIE 598. Engineering Economics
    • ETR 500.  Entrepreneurship and Innovation
    • FIN 503.  Financial Decision-Making for Value Creation

Sample Plan of Study Tracks

Distribution Requirement

Plan of Study #1:
Regulatory Affairs and Risk Management Focus

Plan of Study #2:
Manufacturing Focus

Plan of Study #3:
Drug Discovery Focus

Life Science
(6-9 credits)

  • CH 555 ST. Drug Regulations
  • CH 555 ST.  Drug Safety & Regulatory Compliance
  • CH 555 ST.  Pharmacology or
    CH 538. Medicinal Chemistry
  • BB 570 ST. Animal Cell Culture*
  • BB 560.  Protein Purification and Downstream Processing*
  • BB 570 ST. Medical and Applied Immunology*
  • CH 555 ST. Membrane Protein-Targeted Drug Design
  • BB 565.  Virology*

(3-6 credits)

  • OIE 542.  Risk Management and Decision Making
  • MIS 576. Project Management
  • OIE 598. Engineering Economics
  • OBC 505. Teaming/Organizing for Innovation

Department must approve plan of study after your first course to ensure all courses will count towards the graduate certificate. If you wish to pursue an MS after completion of the certificate program, you must ensure your plan of study will fit with the MS. 

See full online course schedules: MS Bioscience Administration or MS Biotechnology.

Please note that asterisks (*) indicate that although the course is offered online, it is a “skills-based” course and includes 12-24 hrs of hands-on labwork, delivered on the weekends in 4-8 hr modules, on the WPI campus.  

Admission Guidelines

  • 3.0 or higher undergraduate GPA
  • BS degree in life sciences or an engineering field with a foundation in life sciences, or another field that demonstrates a knowledge of basic biochemistry principles

Webinar: Open House

We are hosting an upcoming webinar to introduce you to our Biotechnology and Bioscience Administration online programs. Learn more about the program, what online learning looks like, the application process, and more! We hope you can join us on Wednesday, April 24 @ 12 pm (ET).