Who is eligible for consideration for the Global Scholars Program?

Beginning with WPI's Class of 2022, all new first year students will receive a Global Scholarship to support participation in a project off campus. Students on academic probation are not eligible to apply for projects at off-campus project centers.

What specific programs can the scholarship be used for?

The $5,000 scholarship can be applied towards any program administered by the Interdisciplinary and Global Studies Division. This includes Humanities Projects, Interactive and Major Projects, and Exchange Programs.

How can I find out more about the locations and details?

Read more about specific locations on the Global Projects Program website.

How are students selected for project center locations?

The Global Projects Program does employ an application and interview process for selection of students to each project center. There are a variety of opportunities that the scholarship can be used for and students are encouraged to explore all the opportunities early in their program of study at WPI. Students on academic warning or probation are not eligible for projects at off-campus centers.

How competitive is selection for off-campus project centers?

The competition will vary year by year depending upon the number of applicants and the number of spots available. Not all students will receive their first choice location.