Personal interviews are not required in order to apply to WPI, but are a great opportunity for WPI to get to know you better one-on-one, while you can learn more about WPI and get questions answered. WPI offers interviews domestically and internationally.

If possible, a campus visit and on-campus interview is often the best way to get to know WPI on a personal level and find out if you can see yourself here.

Dates and locations for Fall 2019 have concluded. The information for 2020 dates and locations will be posted in late summer.

Scheduling an Interview

Interviews are offered off campus for seniors in high school. Dates and locations for Fall 2019 are below.

What to Expect

  • Off-campus interviews are conducted by a WPI admissions counselor and last approximately 30–45 minutes.
  • Students interested in interviewing will be granted only one interview, whether on campus or off campus.
  • For your interview, be prepared to talk about yourself, including your senior year academic schedule, your interest in WPI, and why you feel that you are a good match for our programs.
  • You’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions and share additional personal information.
  • A summary of your interview will become part of your admission file and may influence the admission decision we make.
  • If you are unable to schedule an interview your chance for admission to WPI will not diminish.
  • Please note that interviews are intended for students only. Parents and family members are invited to relax during your student’s interview. Parents will have the opportunity to speak with the admissions representative after the interview has concluded.

Dates and locations for Fall 2019 have concluded. Future opportuntiies will be posted in late summer 2020.