WPI’s Got What?

WPI Students collaborating on projects, music, and technology

When you hear “WPI,” you might think “great engineering school”—and you’d be right—but that’s just the beginning. 

It’s also a place where tomorrow’s data scientists, physicians, and neuroscientists get their start. It’s where future biologists, business professionals, and thespians go for the knowledge, experience, and support needed to make their ideas a reality. It’s home to the chemists who moonlight as musicians, the deans who participate in ballroom dancing competitions, the robotics students who dabble in video SFX in their spare time. It’s where the cheese connoisseurs mingle with the underwater hockey players, where the mural artists collaborate with the game designers, creating an interdisciplinary crossover for the ages.

It’s where students, faculty, and staff alike take the best of our worlds and use it to create the best version of themselves, making for not only infinite combinations, but infinite possibilities.

It’s a place that’ll have you asking, “Wait, WPI’s got what?”

Well, we can’t wait for you to find out.

Tech might be in our name, but it’s far from our only expertise.

The Business School

Tech and business might not be synonymous to most, but embracing something a little different has never steered us wrong before. In The Business School, students utilize the powerful combination of business and STEM to produce impressive, stakeholder-driven outcomes. Whether you’re interested in starting your own business, expanding on a patent-worthy idea, or move into the C-suite, your success is our business.

The Global School

The WPI community is known for their passion, expertise, and willingness to learn, and through The Global School, those same traits are shared not just with WPI’s campus, but around the world. Students and faculty go out into the world to address social, technological, ecological, and economic challenges through collaborative, interdisciplinary research. The potential for impact has no borders, and neither does The Global School.

School of Arts & Sciences

All the newest passions start with a spark—of inspiration, of creativity, of support—and that spark starts in the School of Arts & Sciences at WPI. With immersive programs and a collaborative environment that fuses arts and sciences, it’s a celebration and personification of the interdisciplinary nature of WPI as a whole. So, why arts and sciences at WPI? Really, it’s easier if we just show you.

School of Engineering

Remember how we said you probably think “great engineering school” when you think of WPI? That’s for good reason. Thanks to WPI’s focus on project-based learning, students take what they learn in the classroom and immediately apply it to solving real-world problems. Add in the chance to learn from renowned faculty, and students are on track to become agile engineers at the forefront of a constantly changing industry. So, great engineering school? You tell us.

A Customizable Education from Day One


We all know about the roads less traveled making all the difference, and at WPI, we’re all about non-traditional paths.

Teacher Prep Program

Ask a scientist, engineer, or mathematician how they got to where they are now, and chances are somewhere along the way, they were inspired by a teacher.


The advantage of studying law at WPI is that students trained as scientists and engineers can find rewarding careers where law and technology meet.

Setting Sights on Success from Day One

WPI is a special place. It’s somewhere STEM blends with music, art, and design thinking to create long-lasting impact, the kind of impact that has students working to reach their own stars from day one. Students’ academic pursuits and goals—from conducting groundbreaking lab work and publishing research papers to building the next big thing in robotics—take center stage here.

Students also regularly combine their love of science with their passion for another field, from psychology and professional writing to environmental studies, making for an academic experience that’s not only interdisciplinary, but where student success is the common denominator.


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Typical? WPI Students are Anything But.

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Tionge Nakazwe '25
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On the Count of Three: Music at WPI

Music is just as prevalent here at WPI as, well, STEM itself. Whether you’re a seasoned performer or have a passing interest in music and performance, you’ll be able to explore your passion for music through minors, music ensembles, courses, research projects, master classes and performance opportunities with world-renowned musicians, and more.

And this is just the beginning—after all, what’s a great song without an even better hook? See more about how students make music come to life on Boynton Hill.

Explore Music at WPI
Lego Club
WPI Stem Team performing at event

WPI's Got What? Let Us Show You.

Classrooms and labs aren't the only places WPI students push the envelope—there are hundreds of opportunities (literally; we’ve got 235+ student clubs and organizations to choose from) for them to explore hobbies new and old. So, where should we start: the Society of Magicians, the Cheese Club, or the underwater hockey team?

Life After WPI

Just like every student’s WPI experience is different, so is their career after college. They may follow different paths, but whether they’re using their chemical engineering skills to build a better chocolate bar or aiming to use their degrees in civil engineering and environmental and sustainability studies to address climate change, their talents, expertise, and experiences are changing the world—and themselves.

What's Next?

WPI is many things to many people, but the real question is: what will it be to you? We're here to help you find out. Check out the links below for more.

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