Foisie Business School PhD Dissertation Defense, Qingyun Zhu: Product Deletion and Supply Chain Management

Friday, April 19, 2019
11:00 am to 12:30 pm
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Fire Protection Engineering Classroom

Product lifecycles influence supply chain management. Supply chains may be composed by, designed around, and modified for products. Existing studies have advanced product management and product lifecycle management literature through dimensions of product innovation, product proliferation, product line extensions and new product development. Product deletion, rationalization, or reduction research is limited but is a critical issue for many reasons. Sustainability is an important reason for this managerial decision. This dissertation work, grounded in multiple literature streams from both marketing and supply chain management, identifies relations and propositions to form a firm-level analysis. Interviews, observational and archival data from international companies (i.e.: Australia, China, India, and Iran) provide empirical support as case studies through a grounded theory approach. Bayesian analysis, an underused empirical analysis tool, will be utilized to provide insights into this underdeveloped research stream. Gibbs sampling and reversible jump Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) simulation are used for Bayesian analysis using collected data. The integrative findings are exploratory but provide insights for a number of research propositions.

Dissertation Advisor:
Joseph Sarkis, PhD
Professor, Business, Management Engineering
Foise Business School
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Dissertation Committee:

Sharon Johnson, PhD
, Operations and Industrial Engineering
Foisie Business School
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Purvi Shah, PhD
Assistant Professor, Marketing

Foisie Business School
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Dileep G. Dhavale, PhD
Professor of Accounting

School of Management
Clark University

Joe Sarkis
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