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Mathematical Sciences-Financial Mathematics Seminar-Xiao Shen (University of Wisconsin Madison) "Coalescence estimates for the corner growth model with exponential weights"

Thursday, March 04, 2021
2:00 pm to 3:00 pm
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via Zoom

Speaker:  Xiao Shen (University of Wisconsin Madison)
Title: Coalescence estimates for the corner growth model with exponential weights

Abstract: We establish estimates for the coalescence time of semi-infinite directed geodesics in the planar corner growth model with i.i.d. exponential weights. There are four estimates: upper and lower bounds on the probabilities of both fast and slow coalescence on the correct spatial scale with exponent 3/2. Our proofs utilize a geodesic duality introduced by Pimentel and properties of the increment-stationary last-passage percolation process. For fast coalescence our bounds are new and they have matching optimal exponential order of magnitude. For slow coalescence, we reproduce bounds proved earlier with integrable probability inputs, except that our upper bound misses the optimal order by a logarithmic factor. Joint work with Timo Seppäläinen.

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