Mathematical Sciences - MA 1801 - Denksport: "Introduction to Dimension Reduction and its evolution" by Professor Gajamannage

Monday, January 28, 2019
10:00 am to 10:50 am


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MA 1801 – Denksport
Fundamental to Mathematics is the action of thinking. Just like a PE course, where bodily activity 
enhances your physical fitness, Denksport will strengthen your brain muscle, enhance your 
self-esteem, and boost your
immune system against the NR virus.

On Monday, January 28, at 10:00 am in SH106,
Professor Gajamannage will discuss
Introduction to Dimension Reduction and its evolution
Abstract: Advanced data collection techniques in today’s world extract high-dimensional data in large volumes from social and mobile networks, collective motion, the studies in facial recognition and text mining, etc. Analyzing and predicting such high-dimensional and large datasets are challenging or implausible without the presence of Dimension Reduction (DR) techniques. In this talk, we will give you an introduction to DR and discuss three DR techniques (Multi-Dimensional Scaling, Isometric Feature Mapping, and Smooth Geodesic Embedding) representing three generations of its evolution.