Robotics Engineering MQP Critical Design Review: Demining Autonomous System

Friday, January 18, 2019
11:00 am to 12:00 pm
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Project Title: Demining Autonomous System

When: Friday, January 18 @ 11:00am

Where: AK 218

Project Abstract: 

Major engagements throughout modern history have left behind unexploded anti-personnel landmines in over sixty countries around the world.  These devices, which are often unmarked and whose locations are not recorded, result in thousands of casualties each year.  Current demining methods use sensors such as a metal detector or trained animals. This, however, endangers the lives of those involved.  This project will mitigate this threat by substituting human operators with a system of demining robots.  Building upon prior work, a rover, and an octocopter drone will work in tandem to locate, mark, and eliminate anti-personnel landmines in a user-defined location.


Team members: Dillon Arnold, Nicholas Lanotte, Daniel Wensley, Benjamin Wagner

Advisors: Nicholas Bertozzi, Susan Jarvis, Craig Putnam

Katherine Crighton
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