Tech Advisors Network (TAN) - February 2020 Meeting

Wednesday, February 19, 2020
6:00 pm to 9:30 pm

One of the cornerstones of the innovation ecosystem at WPI is the Tech Advisors Network (TAN), essentially a virtual incubator that launched in 2012. The Tech Advisors Network has engaged with entrepreneurs on various new products, such as a smartphone application that prevents texting and driving, an online educational tool for middle school science, and a video monitoring system. The Tech Advisors Network meets monthly to review progress of current teams and hear pitches from new startups. 

Our Value Proposition:  The Tech Advisors Network provides advising and networking services to support innovators and entrepreneurs.

Advisees:  Who are we incubating?  Innovators and entrepreneurs who are members of the extended WPI community: alumni, faculty, staff, and students.

Advisors:  80+ WPI alumni, faculty, staff, and friends who are experienced innovators, entrepreneurs, and investors.

Parking Pass - WPI - TAN - February_19_2020 Meeting

*Draft* Meeting Agenda (Version 02.06.2020)

6 – 7 pm:                 Networking Dinner 

7 – 7:15 pm:            Opening Remarks & Introduction of New TAN Members and Guests

7:15 – 7:30 pm:       I&E Update

7:30 – 7:45 pm:       Progress Updates from current TAN Cohort II Team Leaders

7:45 - 9 pm:             Presentations from *new* TAN candidates, formation of advisor teams and networking

Currently, there is one candidate who will be pitching at the February meeting.  Information is included below.

TAN Accelerator Candidate:  Priscila Espinosa - SproutChange:

Overview of SproutChange:

SproutChange is a social enterprise that helps you
*sprout change* in your life using food as medicine, natural remedies, and
herbs! ™ SproutChange was inspired by my healing journey. Our 
 is to empower everyday people to become autonomous with their
overall health! Our 
social vision is for SproutChange to
become a global transformative grassroots movement that not only helps everyday
people transition into a healing foods diet + lifestyle but also empowers us to
regenerate our shared earth and natural resources in a resilient manner.

offer 3 health-building products and services benefiting the individual,
community, and environment. 

with a Food as Medicine & Natural Remedies customized client protocol.

2. Community organizational wellness programs on Food as Medicine
& Natural Remedies workshop series, including Emergency First Aid in Your
Gut-Brain Connection, DIY Cultured/Fermented Medicinal Foods,
and so many more! These organizational wellness programs are for internal
training of employees and/or members of non-profits, for-profits, anchor
institutions, etc.

3. Environment education open to the public with No-Dig Garden workshop series.


started as a grassroots movement to be a full-circle solution providing
consumer education, empowerment, and advocacy to shift consumer and
consumer-centric organizations towards self-sufficiency solving both food
insecurity and climate change with a primary focus on serving vulnerable
populations, eg disabled, elderly, children, and minority, etc. My vision is
that by empowering vulnerable populations, healthcare must shift, as my goal
was to create a new model to make the old model obsolete. The good news is that
SproutChange's grassroots work is beginning to show fruit and materialize in
the last couple of years with healthcare now shifting to support inclusion of
healing foods, natural remedies, and other non-invasive alternatives (without
side effects) in the patient's treatment plan as you can see in the newly
 "Food is Medicine" Massachusetts' State Plan and
Executive Summary.


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