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Webinar Great Minds, Brave Spaces: I Found My Therapist on Instagram - A Guide to ‘New Age’ Therapies for Mental Wellness

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

I Found My Therapist on Instagram: A Guide to ‘New Age’ Therapies for Mental Wellness
February 24, 2020
12:00 PM - 1:00PM EST

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The field of counseling and mental health has been impacted by the great advances in technology and the growth of social media. Accessibility to social media has created new issues to consider in these fields, particularly in the areas of mainstream therapy and counseling practices. Therapist, clients, and mental health advocates alike are now faced with the challenge of establishing effective boundaries, successfully engaging insurance, and accommodating new practices and strategies within the confines of a mental health system. Social media has provided counselors with opportunities to develop meaningful connections in their advocacy work with clients that may not have been available had social media not taken off.


Join us for a dialogue with WPI’s very own Student Development and Counseling (SDCC) Counselor Lesley McGee, alongside Michaiah Dominguez Mental Health Counselor and Relationship Coach of Michaiah Life Services, as we discuss new age therapies, practices, and strategies for mental wellness. 

The DEI Team: Rame Hanna and Christelle Hayles